Sunday, May 1, 2011

A little closer to home.

If the tragedies in Japan didn't convince you to make ready your family's 72 hour kits, does this?

"When the Piggly Wiggly's closed, it's pretty bad," Fugate said in Smithville. "When your grocery store's closed and your town looks like this, it don't get much worse."

Um hello? Do the words GROCERY STORE CLOSED make you a little nervous? My heart aches for those involved in the devastation that these tornadoes have caused. A group of men from our church from all over the south are headed up this weekend to help in the relief effort. I am grateful to these willing men to give of their time to help those in need. I am also thankful to the sweet sisters who were expecting breakfast in bed on Sunday morning as celebration of mothers day, who are allowing their husbands, and sons to go. I'm sure this is the best gift that they could ever give any mother on mothers day.  I urge you to get your house in order and prepare your 72 hour kits. I can promise you that those who heeded counsel and were prepared, were glad they did, and those who "hadn't gotten around to it" wished that they had. If anyone is interested in putting together their kits this Saturday while the men are out of town, leave a comment and let me know and we will throw together a 72 hour kit party.


  1. Ah man!! I wish I lived closer, I would so want to do this!

  2. So just gather the ladies in your ward and make them do it with you!