Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Okay so a while back I said that I would NEVER do a post on coupon. Well, I'm happy to say I'm a big fat liar. Here it is. Mike and I are in NO SPENDING MODE! So I have decided to really go gung ho on trying to save the money that he works so hard to provide for us. It wouldn't have been fair to him had I not tried to coupon. I am very cautious about what coupons I clip so I don't just buy things that are a good deal, I only buy what we use, and what we have been using.
Okay so I have been more diligent in educating myself and putting a little time into it. I still only buy all natural foods, But I must admit, I have been "killin the bear" saving money on toiletries, soaps, kitchen stuff, drugs... {not those kind.} But today was by far the best I've ever done.
My list...
6 ziplocks for $3 for all
6 right guard deodorants for $6 for all
2 zantac 24 counts for .42 cents for both
a dozen eggs for .50 cents
3 8 counts of paper towels for $12 for all
1 spray and wash spot treatment for $1.20
2 Loreal foam hair color for $2 {one dollar each!}
Cascade dishwasher packs $1.30
6 contact lens solutions for $1.00 EACH!!!!
12 frozen veggies for .30 cents a piece!

Okay, So If I can figure it out and make it work, so can you!  Some of this was dumb luck, I found a LOT of peel off coupons on item that were on sale and that I had manufacturer coupons for and store coupons for. NOT ALL TRIPS ARE LIKE THIS! I hate extreme couponing for the fact that they don't show that these people don't save that much money on ALL their groceries. They go and buy 3 different items and save a few hundred dollars, and they hoard things they could never possibly use. THEY STILL SPEND A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS ON REGULAR GROCERIES!!! On trips that aren't filmed. Where would the entertainment in that be? Okay, anyways, just give it it shot, it may work for you, it may not, but you'll never know unless you try.

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