Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Freezer day{s}

YAY! Yesterday was very successful! I wish I could have gotten more done, but this pregnant body just moves a little slower and gets tired a little faster these days. So what I didn't finish yesterday will be done today. The kids helped and enjoyed the day too. Mostly by eating cookies. I'm really excited to have REAL food after the baby comes, Instead of Mike's specialty, Little Caesars. {It's not til August, But I'm stocking up while I have the energy to.} And I am really excited to make it a habit. I think in the future it's going to make it so that I don't have to take as much time away from my day and spending time with the kids to prepare dinner. At least one or 2 nights a week. But man, It does take preparation, planning, and if I have one tip... Clean up as you go. I ran the dishwasher 4 times. Here's what is filling our freezer...And all of it cost me about $60. The only things that were expensive were the chicken breasts, I bought a huge bag at Costco. That was $13, But it was enough for all of this. And the Cheese, Also Costco. I bought 1 huge bag of mozzarella and still have 1/2 of it, and 2 big blocks of cheddar. A huge thing of cottage cheese,  All the pasta was whole grain pasta and it was .25 cents a box, {see couponing can be useful} And Then I bought Super lean ground turkey from Publix which was $8 for enough to do all the lasagna. Prego Spaghetti sauce that was .50 a jar. Everything else was pantry Items. So it will absolutely save us money, especially in those times when I want to run to the store for something I forgot for dinner, And end up spending $50! It's happened to all of us, So instead of having to do that I will just make something that's already in the freezer instead. Or the nights that I'm too lazy to make dinner, Instead of running to Chick Fil A and spending $30 to feed our family, I can just pop something in the oven!

A few dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies
8-Chicken and broccoli pockets-{cooked and ready for the microwave}
4-Chicken alfredo
4-Chicken marinara
4-Garlic Parmesan Chicken and pasta
6- Lasagna {single servings cooked and ready for microwave}
6-salsa chicken and rice.
4- teriyaki chicken and rice. 
12- Chicken broccoli pockets {not cooked but ready for the oven}
4-Chicken enchaladas
4-Mac n cheese
4-salsa chicken
3-Alfredo casseroles
2-Chicken chili
12-Breakfast burritos

I meant to get some more breakfast in too, But then I realized I don't have a waffle maker. And ran out of other ideas. So if anyone is interested in a freezer day with me I'd love to have the company! I'm too lazy to post all of the recipes so if you see one  you'd like just let me know and I'll put it up.
Um and hello? I just came across this...GENIUS...

What a great Idea! Ashlar and Kylee, If I had thought of this sooner, I totally would thrown one for you! I'm a loser...Sorry. But I will bring you food! PROMISE!

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  1. I want to say I've heard of them once before, but it was a long time ago. It really is a genius idea! I am totally interested in a freezer day! We need to stop being snotty and feverish first though.