Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a few pretties...

Yesterday was crazy... to say the least. I started prepping everything so that I can have my freezer cooking today! We had to clean out the freezer in the garage, I am putting off buying a big freezer until the next house because I don't want to worry about moving the food. SO... Much more on that later...But in the meantime... Here's to daydreaming.
    I love the wallpaper in the Shelf's idea. 
I LOVE marble counter tops and fresh flowers and fruit in the kitchen.
A wall of shoes in my closet!!!! 
A little built in dining nook! I think they are so cute.
I would love a pretty little swing in the yard...
I can't describe how much I love this sink for the laundry room...lots of stains could be soaked in this.
Blake always asks me to go to our smaller (old) house so he can play in the backyard. It's crushing... So I explained to him that we are going to live in this house for a little bit so mommy and daddy can save money and buy a bigger house with a bigger backyard, and I promised him a giant wood swing set...and while he had me feeling guilty he threw in "and a trampoline mom!" And in my moment of feeling guilty for making my son live without a backyard for a year I gave in and am now reminded daily of his big backyard with a giant swing set and trampoline. For safety and well, so it's not as much of an eye sore, it will be in ground. 

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  1. Sam's has a kids "starter" trampoline with the safety net around it that would be perfect at Nana's house! Of course, it may be a little difficult keeping the Giants off of it!