Thursday, May 5, 2011

Overalls... Yep you read that right. Overalls.

I want some! While checking out in target today I saw the cutest little lady ROCKING some overalls.
 Um no she didn't know I was stalking her... hopefully she doesn't find me and sue me, But I couldn't help myself. She has totally inspired me to find some dang cute overalls, and ROCK them with some fabulous accessories and amazing flats! Who the heck said they weren't fashionable anymore anyways? I don't care. If you feel confident and sassy enough to rock something, DO IT. {okay, but, lets not go too far with that, don't go get a mullet or anything.} But can we say comfy and so cute!?! My little brain is going a mile a minute thinking of the possibilities!

With these!!!
And this Long GORGEOUS Swarovski neclace??
So if you see me in overalls pretty soon here, don't be surprised! And don't make fun of me.

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