Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yes, I am "JUST" A stay at home mom.

I was in a store recently and got to chatting with a sweet little old man, and after I told him I didn't work, {Well, I kind of do, I am on maternity leave from being a very part time fitness instructor at the Y, But I don't really count that} His comment was... "Oh you're just a stay at home mom." He said it very politely and I don't think he meant to belittle, it just came out wrong. { At least that's what I'm telling myself.} But It made me think... Is that really what the world thinks? Oh you're JUST a stay at home mom. Like it is a lesser thing to do than having a paying career? I was raised by a "stay at home mom" and I was raised and taught that men are the providers, and women are mommies. So It has always just seemed natural that that is what I'd do.  And I think that it is unfortunate that people look at stay at home moms as second rate. I strongly disagree. {My intent is not to offend any mother that has to work, or chooses to work,} My whole life I've wanted a big family, It's how I was raised, and I loved it! So tell me why I would have those children and go back to work, and pay someone else to raise them in daycare? Pay someone else to see their first steps, or hear their first words? It doesn't make sense to me that someone in the world would want that, or look down on a mother because she wants to be the one to experience that. I have also heard people mention to me... "You didn't go to school?" No. I didn't. Another sacrifice I have made for my children. I am an extremely driven person, I want to be successful, But the greatest success I will ever accomplish isn't a doctorate degree, It's within the walls of my home. And yes there are many times I have thought to myself, well, I could go back to school, But for me, It's not the right season of life. Do I make $100,000 a year being a mom, no, I make nothing. Maybe that's why It's looked down on. But I don't think that life's successes are measured by money. I measure success by what my children will turn out to be. Good people, with a love for God, and a love for others. With fond memories of growing up. I don't know how someone could look down on a person who doesn't have a day off, or even an hour off, who tends to everyone elses needs before her own, Who has sacrificed her own hearts desires to fulfill the wants of others. Who cleans up behind everyone, makes their meals, comforts when they are sick, plays play dough even though they are OCD and HATE play dough and the mess it makes, who patiently reads the same book over and over and over again. Really, Someone looks down on that? I am very proud and very grateful to be "JUST" A stay at home mom. And I commend any woman who has made the choice to be one. Who maybe lives a more humble monetary lifestyle because they gave up their career and chose to live on one income to raise their children. I bet their children are grateful too. I'm grateful for a husband who lets me stay at home with our children, who wants me to. He grew up in a home where his mom had to work and he was in daycare, and I think it made him driven to be able to provide for us, so that I could stay home with our children. I'm grateful to him that he sees and recognizes that I do work, I work very very hard. He is very appreciative to me for the work that I do within the walls of our home, and I am very appreciative to him for providing for our family. I love being a stay at home mom, and I don't think that any other job is as fulfilling or as worth while as seeing my children grow, and making memories with them. They are only little once.     

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  1. It is really wierd living here. I have been really surprised at the ammount of people that work and put thier kids in daycare. It's totally not like that in Utah for the most part.

    I loved being a stay at home mom for the 8 months I got to do it and I plan on going back to it as soon as I can :)