Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On my to make list...

I LOVE this skirt... I'd have to make it a bit longer, But this is so on the list. mmmm with some cute boots! LOVE IT!

 Some cute linen capris.
A cute hospital delivery/nursing gown. I haven't priced fabric out yet, It may be cheaper to buy vs. make.
One of these swaddling cocoons.
A new carseat cover for Brent. Kynzis was very girl, so it won't work... I'll be honest, I am so not looking forward to making another one of these. They are a PAIN IN THE BUTT!

Pay no mind to the black roots, that's why my hair isn't that color anymore, but do you see the necklace I'm wearing? It was my favorite! It was Swarovski and took me forever to design and make. Unfortunately the kiddos broke it. I'm DYING to make a new one, I just keep putting it off because of the whole no spending money thing. I don't know how much longer I can put it off!
Coordinating quilts for the girls next bedroom. I'm Thinking I love the grey and yellow instead of the traditional pink or purple.
A new sling wrap. I have a bright pink one. Note to self, next time go slightly more gender neutral...

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