Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perfection... get over it.

We all get caught up in it... you know trying to be "perfect." Honestly I don't even know if I could tell you what the perfect mom or woman is... But I can tell you I am not it. I had a comment made to me the other day referring to my blog, That my life seems perfect, and I seem perfect. In my head I thought "Child please!" ...but... I graciously said, "thanks." C'mon, who wouldn't want someone to think they're perfect. I think what they were failing to realize is that what you see on my blog is what I want you to see... Yes, I do have a very happy and blessed life, But I am in no way perfect... Here's a list of a few of my shortcomings... I've embraced them, Nobody does everything... There's lots of things I do well and there's lots of things I don't do well, Little known secret...If I'm not good at it, I don't do it. On purpose. So nobody knows I'm not perfect at everything. And well, there's lots of things I don't do well, or at all. And there's lots of things I try that turn out like crap, Or I have to re do. So here goes...Don't think any less of me after you read this...
  • I do not iron. At all. Ever. Period. Never ever. Mike irons his own shirts or I throw them back in the dryer.
  • I don't bathe my kids everyday. Heck if we go to the pool every other day, in my mind that counts. Chlorine = soap.
  • I don't brush my teeth after every meal. Or my kids.
  • I have a terrible driving record. And I cut people off.
  • I don't dust. I wait until I'm pregnant and one of my moms feels bad for me and comes and does it for me. So far it's worked out about once a year.
  • I don't fold underwear or socks, they get shoved in the drawer.
  • I'm never out of bed before 8am
  • I don't decorate my house for every holiday. I hate clutter and froo froo crap as my dad would say.
  • I don't shave my legs everyday. Really, do people do that? 
  • I don't make my bed everyday.
  • I don't wash windows.
  • I don't save anything, including receipts, and it bites me in the butt all the time.
  • I don't take the kids to the zoo by myself. I admire you moms who will.
  • I make up excuses not to have to see extended family...... {I know. I am a terrible person.}
  • I don't do things out of obligation or guilt. Sometimes it makes me look cold and heartless.
  • I don't make my kids eat everything on their plate. I think that that trains them to be over eaters.
  • I rarely hold my tongue. I think I'm getting better, But still offend quite a few people.
  • I don't "read." I hate books. I read my scriptures, gospel material and books to my kids (mostly picture books). Other than that, I HATE them and think they are boring and that watching a movie goes much faster.
  • I don't wash my car. I bribe the detail guy at Mike's work with cookies because I'm lazy.
  • I don't cater to Mike's picky eating. Mean wife, I know. But he seriously doesn't eat anything.
  • I don't catch bugs or lizards for my son regardless of how many times he asks. He has a dad for that. 
  • I listen to my music way too loud. I was putting the kids in the mini van this morning after driving to the store by myself yesterday, and went to turn the car on and out of the speakers deafening loud comes "gangsters paradise"... whoops a daisy. Perfect mom? I think not.   
Okay that's enough. I can't put it all out there, I still need you to think I do everything and live the perfect life. And that I'm the perfect mother and wife.


    1. Love this! I still think you're a fabulous mom and that you accomplish way more than I could ever hope to! It just pushes me to try harder!

    2. You sound like me haha LOVE YOU!!! POOL THIS WEEEK! My bathroom is almost done!