Saturday, May 14, 2011

My List...

Oh man, Today has been a morning already. As I sit here drinking my enormous mug of hot coco and whipped cream, {Yes, I know it's not winter, I'm pregnant, I can do whatever I want,} My sweet beautiful little girl crawls up to me, I pick her up to cuddle her, and the smell of her makes my stomach churn. So excuse me while I change a diaper... Okay, now that that's taken care of,
I've been Going over my list of things my family needs to really have our house "in order." Here's my ongoing list...
First let me back up... we are limited to some of the tings we can get until we move to our "permanent" house. Here's a picture of my dream house... Is it wrong to pray that nobody else can buy it? I know that whatever house the lord prepares for us is the right house, But I'm really hoping he has the same house in mind that I do ;) It's much more affordable than it looks, I promise.
  Okay so on to the list...
A generator. We can't get this bad boy until we move to our permanent house, because it has to be wired to the house. My parents In Utah have one, and it was always so cool to have power when the entire neighborhood had a power outage. Everyone wanted to be at our house. It was great for storms!

  • A chest freezer, And a food saver to fill my freezer with yummy pre made dinners. I remember growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house, {My mom and I lived with them for a while} But we could always run out to the garage and get food out of the freezer. Or my grandma would send us out to get something she needed for dinner. come to think of it, I never realized it, but My grandma was the poster child for provident living, freezer was always full, she had a store room will all kinds of canned foods in her basement, and always had berry bushes and a beautiful garden in the back yard, that we would steal strawberries and radishes from. 
This brings me to my next item... An earth box.
I figure while we live in our townhouse I may as well try to grow something before we move and I attempt a real garden. I've been know to kill a few plants in my day. {And by a few, I mean all of them I've ever tried to take care of}
A Nutrimill wheat grinder. My mom has one I can use if needs be, So this isn't as much of a priority as some other things. But we do intend to purchase our own. There are just other things that the money would more wisely be spent on right now.
Emergency seeds. You know for after I know how to keep a garden alive and in case a famine or drought. It could happen! sometimes crops fail, and thats why food prices go up. I'm not crazy and I don't think the world is ending. I just want to make sure that if something happened to mike and we lost our income for a while we'd still be able to eat.

And here's my list of food that I will add to every month.
  • Honey
  • butter powder
  • soup mixes
  • peanut butter in bulk
  • vegtable oil in bulk
  • shortening powder
  • sugar
  • baking powder
  • baking soda
And in all honesty, I could probably double what I have in grains and fruits and veggies, so as we go to the cannery every month I will add a little at a time.

And I totally have a dream of when we move to have a storage room. You know somewhere to keep all of our canned foods and extra toilet paper and paper towels, and toiletries, and boxes of organic natural mac n cheese! {I remember as a kid running down to the basement and getting mac n cheese that's why I add that} I'm not talking hoarder or extreme couponing style, I'm just thinking it would be nice to have to run downstairs and get toothpaste if were out in the bathroom, instead of the store.

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