Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Williams Sonoma Kitchen.

I love baking! And cooking isn't too bad either! And since a good part of my day is spent in the kitchen, I'd really love to have all these fun gadgets!
Blake LOVES cars and he would go crazy for these... Available here.
The kitchen aid mixer in raspberry ice. Okay, So i already have a kitchen aid. I actually have the big one, not the one that flips back. {Thanks mom and dad} So it doesn't make sense to run out and purchase a lesser machine for $400 just because its pink. But it doesn't mean I can't love it.
Now these I don't have!! And have been LUSTING after for years! I want every piece that Le Creuset makes in Caribbean blue.  I've never had good cookware or bakeware. And the stuff I have I'm sure we're getting cancer from because all of the nonstick is scraped off. I'm positive it ends up in our food, even though it just looks like pepper, it's really little chunks of cancer. So when we leave our sweet little temporary home I may just not pack up the old junk and hopefully convince Mike to invest in these. It will be the toughest sale of my life. {You try closing the number one salesman, It takes skills.}
Okay, So I have this too, {again, thanks Mom and Dad} but my kids LOVE it! They call them boing-y apples. it peels the skin if you want or you can leave the skin on. It also makes making apple pies a piece of cake! you just put them through this and then slice it into quarters,  Available here. Seriously, go get one. If you have kids, they will LOVE you!!

My kids eat bananas like monkeys. This would make banana pudding a snap! Available here.
We eat a lot of fruit in this house, can you tell? This would save me so much time!
Okay, this one is kind of pointless, I do make my kids popsicles, with the 99 cent walmart popsicle tray. Just because we don't do artificial and the pre made natural ones are expensive. But this would just be fun to have and play with.
I want one of these too. MMM... I can taste it now. Oh I'd eat one everyday.
Um and if you haven't gotten your mommy anything, I think any of these would be great! Well. except maybe the cars cupcake pan! LoL.

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