Sunday, May 29, 2011

A heavy heart.

It's with a very heavy heart that I write this. These two ladies are Miss Barbara, and Miss Gail. Miss Barbara is the one pictured on top. Miss Gail is in the red. {the other cute little red head is our friends daughter} These two ladies have taken care of all 3 of my children. Along with a host of wonderful people, but these two have snatched our hearts} Blake since he was 14 months old, Lexi since she was 4 weeks old, and Kynzi since she was 3 weeks. Almost every day except Sunday. More than my children's own grandparents. They mean the world to us, and I know my children mean the world to them. These wonderful women have fed my children, Changed their diapers, helped them learn to walk and talk, Rocked them to sleep, sang them lullabys. They know that Blake picks at their fingernails when he's tired, they know that Lala will always take her bow out as soon as I'm out of sight and then ask them to put it back in as soon as she knows I'm coming, They know that kynzi loves to cuddle, but gets fussy when she gets very tired, but they know that if they let her suck on their pinky instead of a binkey, she will fall right asleep. They know my children's favorite toys and books, They know what they like and don't like. My children have barfed on them, peed on them, pooped on them, and bit them and they love them all the more. They are so patient and loving. We are so grateful to have them in our lives. It makes my heart so happy when Kynzi jumps out of my arms to get to them. Recently Miss Barbara had some serious complications from a very routine procedure. She is now in the ICU and we aren't sure what her outcome will be. I've always known what was important in this life, but sometimes we lose sight of that. I know that the only things that we will take with us on to the eternities is our knowledge that we have gained, and the relationships that we have built. I am so grateful for these women and the love for God's children that they have. And grateful to have been blessed to see their examples. I am so grateful to have a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ that fills the answers to life's questions. Why I am here, and Where I am going. And grateful for a testimony of my Savior and his gospel. Whatever the outcome, I know that she was placed in our lives and so many others to be an example of Christs love and compassion. I know and so does she, that her life is in our Father in Heavens hands and that if he calls her to the other side, that she will be a great missionary to many, and that she will rock, sing and comfort my other babies or grandbabies until they are sent to us on this earth. We will hope and pray for what is in her best interest and ask that the Lord's will would be done, and that either way, peace and comfort would be brought to the hearts of all those who love her.

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  1. Absolutely, all of it. <3 to Ms. Barbara, her sweet family, and everyone hoping and praying for the best.