Monday, May 9, 2011

I love to see the Temple.

Tonight our family night lesson will be on Temples. It's A very important part of our life. Mike and I became temple workers over 2 years ago. I could never adequately describe the blessings that have come.  We used to go every other week. Since adding Kynzi to our family, we've had to cut back on that time commitment and I am no longer a volunteer, But Mike is still a worker there and we still attend very regularly. It's so important to us that we show our children that it is a priority in our life. We are sure to tell them where we are going when we go and teach them a little bit about that sacred place when we go. When the kids get older we want to take them once a month as a family and go and do baptisms. Who says you have to wait for the youth to organize a trip? My children will know from a very young age that I love the Temple. And that I have a testimony of the blessings that come from regular temple attendance. They will have the opportunities provided for them to go often when they turn 12, so that they too can gain a testimony for themselves, have a desire to abstain from the harms and evils of the world, and be given power to rise above temptation.

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