Friday, May 6, 2011

Capturing Memories. The Daisy Mai way.

I LOVE large canvas prints. 
 In the next house they will adorn my walls. A beautiful collage of our little {Okay I know we're not so little anymore but I will always refer to our family as little} family. Happy memories of our lives together. My mom { The Utah one. I know I refer to both of them as mom} Has always had HUGE pictures of all of us kids in the hallway. All taken at about the same age, about a year or so. I love it. I love looking at all of us in that sweet and innocent stage of life. That to me was one of the things that made it "home." These will be some of the images to grace our hallways!

All captured by the amazing Miss Daisy Mai. She truly has an amazing gift. She will soon be doing my maternity photos which I am SO EXCITED for! And of course newborn pictures of baby Brent and his big brother and sisters. And well, I'll be honest I'm not taking family pictures until I've lost the weight and my arms are beautiful and toned again, but when that happens she will also be taking new family pictures! AND GUESS WHAT?!?!?
She has been so kind as to offer all of you 30% off!! {except weddings} All you have to do is make sure you're a follower of my blog, "like" her facebook page here. And when you book a session let her know you found her through my blog! I hope you find the inspiration to capture your families moments and display them!


  1. I'll say it again and again, you are a precious, precious

  2. Is she only local? I love this style of pictures and we need some cool updated family photos done.