Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grateful for trials.

Recently the thought has come to mind several times "things are really good right now"... which is immediately followed by... "Something is's the calm before the storm." Well I wouldn't say that this "trial" feels like a storm. I'm actually very at peace. Any how, I took Kynzi to her 12 month Dr's appt. This morning. I knew before I took her that there were some topics that needed discussion with the Dr. First, her hearing. She failed the test again today. This one didn't really shock me because she failed her hearing test 3 times at birth, again at 6 months, and now again at 12 months. I've had a feeling this would be the case because I know she can't hear everything, and because her speech is significantly behind where the other children were at her age. So we will go to the ENT in a few weeks to have more tests and see what the prognosis is. The doctor said she did have some fluid around her ear drum and that that could have led to the failed result of todays test, but didn't explain the others. So he gently prepared me that there is a good chance that Kynzi will end up with some form of hearing device. I saw that one coming, So like I said I wasn't taken back by that one. It breaks my heart that she will have to deal with the issue over her lifetime, but at the same time, I recognize that it could be so much worse, and that it is a blessing that she can hear at all. And I can promise you if it comes down to it, she will have the cutest hearing aid on the block!
And the other issue was her feet. She doesn't stand on her own yet and you can tell just by looking at her feet that something wasn't quite right. Well, I knew this was coming too. I just didn't know to what degree the severity her condition was. She has Metatarsus Adductus. Basically her foot is curved in and her toes curl under. The other issue is a Tibial torsion. Almost all babies are born with this, where they look kinda pigeon toed, but it resolves itself in most cases by 6 months or when the baby starts to walk. Well, Kynzi has a pretty severe case of it. They used to do special braces for it. (Which Michael Neal wore when he was a baby) Now, they usually let it resolve on its own. But since Kynzi's isn't getting better on its own, she will sport some cute {well, as cute as they can be} orthopedic shoes and may need a brace or surgery in the future.

I'm grateful that both issues aren't worse. And in my eyes she's still perfect. Yes, It makes my heart hurt that something isn't physically "perfect" about her. But for some reason Heavenly Father made these things be. We will take them with thanks that it's not worse, and be grateful for the technology this world has to remedy the situations, and be grateful that we have been blessed with the ability monetarily to provide her with the treatments she needs. I'm grateful to know that the Lord is mindful of us, and knows how to provide peace and comfort to us.


  1. You are the sweetest little family. I'm filled with joy and happiness when I see you and read your precious thoughts.
    Thank you for your strong testimony of our Creator.

  2. That is hard. Good thing she has a great mommy. Oh and I actually like those shoes!

  3. I had a friend in college that had severe pigeon toed feet when she was younger. To fix it, instead of surgery, she learned how to roller skate (not blade). The weight of the skates forced her feet to the correct position. She started when she was three, and the problem has solved itself. Now she just skates around because she loves to! Just an idea...