Friday, May 27, 2011


I love everything about them. I MUCH prefer to make cupcakes vs. cakes.
This is my cupcake stand, I'm pretty much obsessed with it!
Fyi, yellow with fudge frosting is my favorite. And my husbands.
But "homemade hostess ain't got nothin' on me" cream filled is a close second.
These are super beautiful and super easy! Its just chocolate shavings.

I frost mine really tall like this only because I like the way it looks, But I actually like minimal frosting with my cupcake. I usually scrape some off the top. 

Okay so let's talk basics...
  • Don't over bake them. Actually if you want a moist cupcake then you need to slightly underbake them because they finish baking in the pan while cooling. 
  • DON'T EVER ruin a cupcake with canned frosting. It's as gross as smoking. Good frosting takes 5 minutes to make from scratch.
  • If you're going for taste, don't use shortening. Use butter and a bit of cream cheese. I only use shortening if I need the frosting to hold really stiff. 
  • Don't over fill the liner. Invest in a cupcake scoop. 
  • Don't use dark pans. They burn the bottom and the rest of the cake will be dry.
  • If you want your liners to look pretty you need to use two per cupcake.
  • Get a cupcake caddy. And leave your cupcakes in it overnight with the frosting on it. Oh it makes them GOOOOOOD! 


  1. Ever since I met your mom and she helped me make Tobie's 2nd birthday cake I have never been able to go back to the pre-made store bought frosting. I always make my own and can now taste if anyone else uses the store bought kind. It just tastes like the plastic container that it comes in to me. BLEH!

  2. Do you follow the blog Bakerella? It's AWESOME!!!