Monday, May 9, 2011

Design diarrhea

Pardon my french... but I have a million and one ideas floating around in this little head of mine for our next home. It may be a year down the road it may be two, or however long it takes to find the right one...It's going to be an exciting chapter in our lives. The next house will be our "forever house." You know, the house my babies grow up in, the one they make all of their childhood memories in... the walls that I mark up with their growth charts. It will be in every sense of the words..."our home." Every aspect of the home will be what I want it to be. It will have beautiful dark rustic hardwood floors, My dream kitchen, beautifully decorated bedrooms, a magnificent laundry room, a gorgeous yard where my babies can play... and a HUGE master shower. {That is mike's only request.} So of course my head is swirling with ideas. I love that I have enough time to really decide what I want and how I want it. I'll probably change my mind a million and one times between now and then, but I'm okay with that!

Yeah, you could say I dream big, But who's to say you can't?

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