Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So from day one, I knew I wanted to teach my children the value of work, and my personal belief is that the only way a household can be run is through a team effort. Even though my kids are young they still have to help out around the house. They have certain chores that are required, and they also have the option to earn extra privileges, or money, whatever they want at the time, by picking extra chores. We keep it simple, and age/gender appropriate. {Yes I'm old fashioned and think that boys do garbage, lawn etc, and girls do dishes, laundry, etc.} But there are some things they can both do. Here is the list of chores my kids rotate.
Set Table
Clear Table
Switch Laundry
Family Room

This is the chore chart that I chose. I like it because its simple, and has pictures for the little ones.  It is available here.
If you don't want to buy one here are a few ideas that would be super simple to make yourself.

We will most likely switch to the wall pocket system when all the kids can read, I like the way it looks, and I like that I can write specific directions for each job and not have to explain repeatedly how a job should be done. It will be a great addition to "command central." More on that later. Get the kiddos involved, I promise they aren't too young, and yes, it may be easier and faster to do it yourself, but if you do that, what are you teaching your children? That you will clean up after them forever? And how will they take care of themselves if nobody teaches them how? If you do everything for your children, you're really doing them a huge disservice. {And especially your sons future wife. LoL.}

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