Monday, June 6, 2011

vinyl lettering

Let me start by saying, I like vinyl lettering, in moderation... I think it can be overboard when it's on every wall in your house... And I don't get the whole lets go to home depot and buy some floor tiles and put a saying on it, or the whole glass block with lettering and ribbon on it... Someone needs to say, just stop already! However, I do like if for a few walls, and I do like it for labeling things,{ I am super lucky in that my mom has a vinyl machine, So I don't have to pay for it. It can get really expensive }... a few examples...
I think this is hilarious. I would probably never put it up, but I thinks its cute. Its available here.

Available here.
 Available here.
Available here.
I'm not huge on sayings on the wall, but this has been my favorite book since forever...So it may sneak into the kids room one day. You can get it here.
I would like these to go over the kids beds.
Go here to see.
I'll be honest, I just liked the picture...But it would be fantastic in a dress up corner, or closet!
I do like these...

I also LOVE chalkboard and white board Vinyl...
LOVE it...

Okay, I have to go be productive...

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