Thursday, June 9, 2011


That's about how I feel these last few days. I have zero motivation, I haven't fixed my hair or makeup in 2 or 3 days, I havent taken the kids to the pool, I'm tired, Kynzi is sick, We've eaten tacos 2 nights in a row, I havent cleaned the bathrooms yet this week, and there's a load of clothes in the washer I keep forgetting to put in the dryer. And well, to be perfectly honest, I just don't give a hoot about anything at the moment. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon. I did go to BodyFlow this morning and that helped. Normally when I get in moods like this I use retail therapy... It works for me. So since that is out of the question heres a few of the things I would go buy right this second if I had my debit card.

The worlds greatest tan in a bottle. I'm almost out, and seriously, I've considered stockpiling it. Just like my toothpaste, shampoo and hairspray. 

I'd go get my nails did... I actually don't really like wearing acrylic nails, I like the way they look for the first 2 days and then once they grow out and need a fill, they look like doodoo. And I hate the whole process of the electric nail file, it creeps me out. So maybe I'd just get a mani pedi and have my nails painted.
I'd be ALL OVER these pink Jimmy Choos'

And a new silk scarf maxi dress. In a bright yellow or orange magenta color.
Um, pretty much everything in sight at lulu.
And this fantastic necklace, I may just buy it, and claim temporary insanity when Mike asks.

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