Sunday, June 26, 2011

My medicine cabinet

I cleaned out my medicine cabinet tonight... and thought I'd share some of my favorite remedies...

 Lavender Oil- I use it when nothing else will get rid of my headaches and migraines. It's magic. But seriously, Google it, It can be used for like a bazillion things. 
 Hylands kids kit- It has everything from teething tablets to bumps and bruises ointment.

B&T Cough and bronchial syrup-This stuff works great! This is what all cough medicine Should look like and taste like. No fake red dye, no Burning as you swallow...Yeah, I'm all about it. I use the kids variety as well. And there is no fight getting them to take this medicine. 
Little Champions kids multivitamin. I keep them in the freezer because they can get kind of messy and hard to get off the wrapper. 

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  1. OK so if you're into organic and natural stuff these are my FAVORITE!!!!!!

    I have like a bazillion natural oils that I use for everything!! I always try natural oils before using any medication on my kids. And RARELY do my kids ever get antibiotics. I'm hooked on them!!!