Monday, June 13, 2011

Role models.

A few of my role models...

You know those people that make you just oohhh and aaawww over how wonderful they are. You know the ones you genuinely adore, and the ones you adore but secretly hate because they have perfect abs and no stretch marks... here's a few of mine.

 First, this perfect man. Okay, I know he's not perfect, sometimes he forgets to take out the garbage, and sometimes he drinks too much soda and eats too much fast food, but other than that, I think he's as close to perfect as they come. I'd never met a person who ALWAYS told the truth, even when it was hard. I'd never met a person who really studied the scriptures everyday, And who knows them backwards and forwards and upside down. I'd never met a person who knelt in prayer morning and night, I'd never met a person, who always saw the good in everyone. I'd never never met a man who devoted his life entirely to the service of God. Until I met Mike Hicks. He is so loving and patient, I can honestly say, he's never made me cry, He's never raised his voice to me, and he's never talked down to me. And he makes me laugh. He is the perfect husband. He loves to play with his babies, he works hard to provide for them, and he teaches them by his example. He is the perfect father. I have NO idea why he chose me, I absolutely don't deserve him. But I wake up every morning grateful to be his wife. I adore this man, and everything he is. He is a role model to me, and to our children, and really, everyone he comes in contact with. The world needs more people like him... Why do you think we have so many kids? LOL.

My cute mommy. She taught me everything I know. How to sew, cook, bake, clean, take care of my body and not get frumpy... She taught me how to be a mommy, and put everyone elses needs before my own. She taught me how to serve. She taught me how to love. She's pretty much awesome.

This is the only picture I could find of Wendy Roth! After some SERIOUS facebook stalking... you'd think one of her kids would have a picture of their mom on their facebook page, but no... So sorry stephie gross, If I could have found another one I would have. Sister Roth (she is on the right) was my seminary teacher.  I am going to be like her one day. She knows the scriptures, she loves the gospel, and she has a way of teaching the gospel in a way that I could understand it and remember it, and it was fun! I can't even talk about this lady without getting emotional. I love her. I love the spirit that she teaches with and the spirit that she carries with her. 

These are my grandparents. They are the definition of love. They have 15 children, and well, there are obviously a lot of us grandchildren (but only one favorite...that's me obviously), I remember several lessons that they taught me. My grandpa was a lawyer, but the material things of this world never meant anything to them. My grandpa always said that if someone didn't pay him, then they needed the money more than he did. I learned to trust people, and be compassionate. He knows his savior. Same with my grandma. I can't tell you how many times I'd go to look for her and find her in her bedroom reading her scriptures, or on her knees by her bed, asking the Lord for guidance. She is everything a woman of God should be. She is kind and gentle and serves everyone. Even when she has nothing to give.

  This is Tosca Reno. She is the author of all the clean eating books. And the wife of the publisher of my 2 favorite magazines. Clean eating and Oxygen. I love her books, and I think she looks AMAZING for a 52 year old.

My Fitness role model... Amber Elizabeth. Do you see those abs and shoulders? I like her because she is beautiful and feminine but gorgeously buff at the same time. ONLY 8 weeks until I'm not pregnant anymore!!! And then the journey will begin again. One of these days my arms and butt will stay toned and beautiful and not pregnant.

 This is Bree Wee. Bree not only finished her first Ironman she set the 25-29 age group record in 9:47. She had a 15 month old at the time. I'm not looking to set any records... I just want to finish the Hawaii iron man before I die. Not when I have a 15 month old, but I'm inspired by her that she is a mom, and an ironman.

There's a few more people I really admire, you know just for the everyday things that they do. A mom who rocks their sobbing child, A friend who stops by just to check on you, a fitness instructor that tells you "remember, you are someone's inspiration," When really they are yours... a stranger in the store who picks up to $20 that just dropped from your purse, and gives it back to you, knowing that you would have never known if they hadn't. Who inspires you? What do you really want to be? I can tell you, I want to be a great and patient mom, I want to be a woman of God, and the natural man in me wants to be an ironman... baby steps Kyrsten, baby steps...


  1. I used to like you....until you posted that picture. Just kidding, I definitley agree that Wendy Roth is an incredible role model. She's pretty high on my list too :)

    And may I just say that BOTH you & Mike are wonderful role models. Tom & I think that you guys are great examples of people who honestly try to do the right thing. Your love of the Savior and desire to be obedient are obvious to anyone who knows you. Thank you for being a role model to me. XO