Friday, June 3, 2011

The perfect day.

My sweet Buby took Thursday off and had planned the perfect day for us. Let me note that he totally surprised me. We're talking I seriously think I went into shock for a second. I think that's why he rarely {and by rarely I mean 3 times since we've been married} surprises me, Just so it's really a shocker when he does do it. I woke up to this sweet little love letter.

So off to the Natural Body we went. 

Followed by lunch at PF Changs

I had lettuce wraps, Mike had crispy honey chicken, and I topped things off with the Great Wall of Chocolate! {If you ask them to heat it up, It's WAY better} My hands and feet are really swollen from eating all the sodium and MSG. I knew I should have gotten the Buddha Feast. That's just steamed veggies. Then we hit up Kilwins for some take home pecan pralines. It's been a weird pregnancy craving lately.

Then we went to pick up the kiddos and took them swimming! 
After we tuckered them out it was nap time! Naps all around. It was fantastic!!
I don't know why but Mike can always get the kids to nap. That never happens for me.
We watched the heat game and had pizza.
Sad they lost, but we're confident they will pull off the championship! 
Yes, I am a Celtics fan, But I think Lebron deserves a Championship and D. Wade is a good guy and a great player, I mean you never see these guys in the news for drugs, girls, or felonys, I like em. I think Bosh looks like a velociraptor... I have no attachments to him at all...
As if that weren't enough, we went to the midnight showing of X men! It was great! I mean I could have done without the F bomb, and the scantily clad ladies, but other than that it was a fantastic story line put together really well. Yes, I'm a bit nerdy and I love Marvel comic book movies. 
However, I will say I'm way too old and pregnant to go see movies at midnight. I don't think I will ever recover from lack of sleep. 

So, you may be saying to yourself, Kyrsten, I thought you were in no spending mode... We are. So the thing that really makes this day better is that is was pretty close to free. Mike's boss put out a bonus to the person that sold the most cars one weekend, and Mike sold 7. So the bonus was originally a $200 gift certificate to the Capital Grill.  But Mike asked if we could have a massage instead. Since we both enjoy that much much more. We also had a gift certificate from Christmas to PF Changs. Including tip I think it cost us $4 out of pocket. I did spend $6 on pralines. Swimming and the game were free, and we ate frozen pizzas. {I know, I'd never touch this stuff if I weren't pregnant} And to save money at the movies, I always smuggle candy, a water bottle, and sometimes yes even popcorn. The mini bags fit perfectly into my Mary Poppins bag. I can't stand movie theater popcorn, It has way too much artificial butter nastiness on it. So our total cost for our perfect day was about $27. Including my dollar store candy. Not too shabby.  

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  1. You two are simply fantastic. I love you both!