Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Remember who you are. A daughter of a King.

As you develop faith in the plan of salvation, faith that Jesus is the Christ and that he atoned for you, & that you are a literal daughter of God,
You gain a testimony of your divine nature. Who you really are. A daughter of a King. Every noble characteristic that makes us better daughters, sisters, friends, wives, & mothers make up our divine nature. We have the glorious potential to become like our Heavenly Parents. They are good, pure, loving, fair, patient, all-knowing, and all-powerful. You are a princess, daughter and heir to a literal father who lives in heaven.
Our individual worth is what makes us unique. An essential part of our masters perfect plan. But if we don't allow ourselves opportunities to find who WE are and what makes us different, Who WE want to become, not who our peers or society want us to be, We allow Satan to creep into our lives, and rob us of something vital to our confidence. Allowing him to work through our insecurities and gain power over us. Only through our knowledge of who we are and of our relationship with our Father in Heaven and Savior do we gain the confidence and ability to stand up to the wiles and temptations of the adversary. This knowledge gives us the confidence to make the choices that allow the spirit to continually abide with us, allowing him the opportunity to warn us, to testify to our souls of truth, to comfort, and to guide us in every moment of our mortal life. By choosing to follow the guidelines the Lord has set, we hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard than the world, therefore, receiving blessings as our reward. Instead of choosing to bend the rules, or willingly disobey, and receive the consequences of our actions. Remember that you are a daughter of God, and that every decision you make either draws you closer of farther away from your goal of eternal life and pleasing your father. You are a choice spirit saved for the last days, to be a light to the world. Don't make decisions that are contrary to who you are, a literal daughter of a heavenly king! Making you a princess. Born to share good works with the world, through your example, through your service, and through the light that shines in your countenance. Never compromising your standards, and being full of integrity. Being proud to stand as a witness of God, In all things and in all places and at all times. Keeping yourself clean, un-spotted from the temptations and sins of the world, being an example of a virtuous woman, to those around you. So that you may enter into the house of the Lord and present yourself at the alter, to your worthy priesthood holder, a virtuous woman, full of Christ's image in your countenance. Giving him, and your father in Heaven the confidence and knowledge that you will rear children in righteousness, after the manner that you've chosen to live your life. Being an example to the world.

All of these attributes strive for one goal. To prepare you to enter into the holy temple and continue the journey to Celestial glory. By learning and practicing the small and simple things in your daily life and applying them to every small decision you make. By growing confidence, building our trust in our father in heaven, Sincere personal prayer, daily seeking the knowledge contained in the scriptures, We learn to be all that the Lord would have us to be. Knowing that we are his daughters. Gaining a personal relationship, father to daughter.

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  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you so much. I am giving a devotional for Girls Camp on knowing you are a daughter of God. Do you mind if I use and quote some of your words at the devotional? It is so beautifully worded. Thank you!