Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Labor in the morning, service in the afternoon...

Today was an interesting day to say the least. And I am exhausted. Thankfully my little sister is here to help me out with the house and kiddos during these last few weeks of pregnancy. So last night, I was awakened not by a sick little baby, but my monster contractions... And a few other yucky labor symptoms, that I really don't want to go into detail with. {I mean if you're dying to know you can ask me and I'll tell you, But I'll spare the rest of the world}  I seriously thought I was about to deliver a kid on my bathroom floor. So, I was up for about 30-45 min. like that wondering what the heck I should do... I was thinking to myself I need to wake mike up, but they were the kind of contractions you can't breathe through or talk through. So, I said a quick little prayer, asking for some help, and soon after relief came. Just as I was going to wake Mike up to take me to the hospital, everything stopped. Well, I wont say stopped, the contractions spaced themselves out to about 15 min apart and I went back to sleep. I was already scheduled for a dr appt at 9:30 this morning, and really wanted to avoid a few hundred dollar Hospital trip. So I waited. Possibly not the smartest thing I've ever done, I'll admit that. So I get to the dr and she checks me, 1 cm dilated, and contracting every 3-6 minutes. And Brent's heart beat was really fast, low 200's and dipping with contractions. {I thought I was contracting about every 10. I have a really high tolerance for pain and just thought that it was Brent smooshing his butt against my belly really hard. I know, I've done this 3 times before, you'd think I'd know the difference.} So, after the initial NST (non stress test) Dr. Bing sent me over to L&D for another NST. Yep, still contracting. So, in hopes that I was maybe just dehydrated, I was filled up with some IV fluid. That didn't help. Still contracting. So A shot of terbutaline was given in hopes that would work. {by this time Brent's heart rate had come down to normal levels. But Nope still contracting, so another shot of terbutaline was given, and sure enough that one did the trick! So, once again, catastrophe avoided, and as of right now, we wont be having a 31 week preemie, thank heavens. Yeah, don't need those NICU bills, and definitely don't need the whole NICU baby mental anguish again...  So after a 5 hour Dr/hospital trip because I was in labor, I did what any crazy Mormon woman would do... I went to Costco to pick up the food for the homeless shelter that was needed for tonight. So, I went to Costco, then had to run to Walmart to get the hams. Well, Our walmart only had 3, I needed 5. So off to another Walmart, they had 2 left! Perfect I thought to myself... Until I bought them and got to the car and realized they were 2 weeks expired. So I had to go back in and return those...{I'll be honest, all blessings from doing this act of service may have been lost at this point, because I was pretty irritated} So on to Walmart number 3... Finally, 2 more hams that weren't expired. Mission accomplished. And for the record, I can't begin to describe to you how much I HATE Walmart. While I was laying in the hospital bed Mike sent me a text that said " You are a trooper love, Labor in the morning, service in the afternoon, Just another day in the life of an LDS woman." It made me laugh... And don't worry, I told him to stay at work. Anyways, It was a LONG day and I'm exhausted. My hand is bruised because the nurse wasn't fantastic at putting in IV's {that's putting it nicely, In reality it was the second worst IV I've ever had. The only one that tops it was the lady who tried 7 times and still had to call another nurse to come to my house and put it in.} My heart is still racing, and I'm still shaky from the medicine. But all in all, I'm super grateful for several things. 
  •  That they were able to stop my labor.
  • That this sweet little boy is okay.
  • That my little sister is here to clean my house, do my laundry and entertain my monsters... I just don't have the energy to right now. 
  • That my mom is always willing to drop whatever she would need to, to be there for me, if I needed her. I thankfully didn't need her today, but she was ready!
  • For my sweet Buby. I adore that man if you didn't know.
  • For the opportunities to serve those who are in greater need than I. Even if it means running to every walmart in Jacksonville. 
Remember, It could always be worse. If your 40 weeks pregnant, and so over it, Just Be grateful you can carry you baby that long. If you don't like what's for dinner, be grateful you have something to eat. If your husband is driving you crazy because he forgot to take the garbage out, well, Just be grateful that you have him. I'm sure he's good at lots of other important things. If your kids are driving you crazy, be grateful that they are healthy enough to drive you crazy. If your hand is bruised because you had a nurse that stunk at putting in IV's... Well, I'm still looking for the silver lining on that one... Count your many blessing my friends, name them one by one, And I promise you, It will surprise you what the Lord has done for you.

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  1. Bruise on hand- be grateful you have hands?! You amaze me ALL the time!!