Sunday, June 19, 2011

How can you mess this many things up?

Remember when I said that I wasn't perfect? And that there are a lot of things that I mess up, or turn out like crap? Well, today has been one of those days. Actually the last 2 days have been that. I don't know if it's because I have pregnant brain and clumsiness or if I'm really just an idiot. Lets start with yesterday. I went to make Kynzi some more onesies, {she lives in these right now, I can have 5 outfits for her for $10, It's cheap and it's hot outside, so I don't want to get her dressed up anyways} So I was making a ruffle bum onesie, {you can find a tutorial on how to make one here.}

Any who, I wasn't paying attention and wasted like 10 minutes sewing while my bobbin was out of thread... UGH! So annoying. So there was mistake number one. second, I mis measured and had to unpick one row of ruffles and re stitch it.
So then I decided to attempt homemade french bread. It was actually pretty good. But it surely wasn't up to my standards. Hello? I grew up eating the queen of all bread makers bread. So unfortunately for me, I  compare everything I bake to my mothers. And this bread wasn't as good as hers. Fortunately for me, Mike didn't grow up on homemade bread, and honestly I don't know if he had ever had it before we met. So he really doesn't have anything to compare it to, So he thought it was great! And the kids ate it, So I guess it wasn't a total failure.  We slapped some homemade jam on it, So that makes anything taste good right? I think I just added maybe a little too much flour or didn't let it rise long enough the second time. Or maybe that particular recipe is supposed to be "heartier." It was just a bit more dense than I like it to be. I don't know, I'll have to experiment with it.
  Okay, So those two incidents pale in comparison to this... I ruined 3 pans of homemade mac n cheese. And in the process of grating the cheese I took a huge chunk of skin out of my palm. I've made baked homemade mac n cheese dozens of times and never messed it up. Not today though. Attempt one I read the measurements wrong and added like 3x the amount of flour the roux called for, And didn't realize it until I wasted an entire block of cheese into the mixture. Attempt number two I forgot to take the pan off the burner when I added the cheese and it seized up and got hard and clumpy... Annoying. Third times a charm right? WRONG. By this time I'm almost totally out of cheese and can't mess up again. Well, I didn't mess up. I just dropped the dumb pan. We are going out to Mikes parents house in a bit and so I was using a disposable aluminum  pan and it basically bent in half, dumping out the mac n cheese. So not only did I waste like $8 in cheese, I also had to clean up the mess... needless to say, I am not trying again today and we will be eating boxed mac n cheese with our steak. {Well they will, I won't be eating steak} But it is probably some kinda karma thing, because Mike actually prefers boxed mac n cheese and it is his day after all. Serves me right I guess.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'm almost tempted to stay away from all domestic duties until this pregnancy brain goes away.

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