Friday, July 29, 2011


Yes, That Target. I'm proud to report that I have learned to control my impulse buys and can safely navigate through target without buying things that aren't on the list. That's huge progress for me. So now, a good majority of my shopping is done at Target, the only other store I go to is Publix. But I would say 90% of my shopping is done at Target. And I have found ways to save HUGE on the things I already buy.

First, I do get a Sunday paper and clip coupons, but ONLY on things I already use. The trouble you get into with coupons is clipping them all and buying something you don't use, or would normally never buy, just because you have a coupon.

Second, Target online store coupons.

Next is mobile coupons. You can sign up here to get coupons via text message.

And last is the Target debit card, you can get it here. It comes out of your bank account just as if you had used your debit card from your bank. And you save 5% EVERY time you shop. The card can only be used at Target, and the only downside that I have noticed is that it takes 2-3 days to come out of your account, So just be diligent about balancing your bank account. It is seriously the greatest thing since sliced bread. It even gives you 5% off the pizza hut cafe! {Not that I would know that or anything because I don't eat that garbage... I'm pregnant, don't judge me}Think about 5% over your Grocery/Diaper/Toiletry/household stuff over a year... It adds up. Our savings {just for having this card,} are probably close to three or four hundred dollars per year. That's not including big purchases either. And no, there is no fee for having it either. Really, I haven't found a downside.

Now, A few other things I love about Target... They have coupons on their generic up and up brand.  I don't know of anywhere else that does that. And as a side note, Up and Up diapers and wipes are awesome! And You can earn gift cards on things you purchase with coupons Including their generic brand!... Not to mention they print lots of catalina coupons, based on the things you buy. So, long story short, I love Target, and feel pretty good about saving a lot of money there.

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  1. Most Target stores will also price match other stores' ads. You have to do it at customer service rather than at the register, and they won't match "club" discounts, but I don't think the grocery stores in Jacksonville have club discount cards anyway, do they? Maybe Food Lion? Are they still in business? But I love taking the Wal-Mart ad & a couple of grocery store ads in and having them price match for me.