Friday, July 8, 2011

clean eating... Or as close as I think...

It's rainy and I feel like my pelvis is going to fall off, so let the mass blog posting begin... I just wanted to clear up a few thoughts I have on food... No, I'm not really going completely vegan... I have a few issues with that way of eating... First, soy products. And fake meat. They gross me out, and in doing more research, I've found more reasons not to eat soy... and lets be honest... A tofu steak? Isn't that an oxi- moron? I think God put animals here for our use, and I intend to eat them... At least the organic ones.... Sparingly for sure. I'm not a huge meat eater in the first place. We certainly don't have meat at every meal, or for dinner every night. And I refuse to make Mike red meat. {okay actually I've made it 3 times since we've been married} Unless it's a Ruths Chris filet and I'm pregnant, I'm not interested in red meat. I only eat extra lean organic ground turkey, or chicken breast, organic chicken breasts, or boars head honey maple turkey, and occasionally mahi mahi or tilapia. I don't stick to a "diet" I just make sure that what I eat and what I feed my kids is as close to nature and the way God made it as it could be. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies, Lots of whole grains, beans, and TONS of homemade wheat bread. If I had to pick a "diet" It would be Tosca renos clean eating, I also like Jillian Michaels books. We don't do a lot of sugar refined or natural, But the occasional treat is fine with me. The thing I'm struggling with right now is dairy... My kids have ear problems, and one in particular seems to really suffer with fluid build up when she has dairy. Add that to my reflux and gallbladder issues and I've considered eliminating it all together. I'm still torn on that one. I LOVE CHEESE!!!! I could eat it by the block. Yes, I think it would benefit us, But is that benefit enough to make up for my lack of no cheese pain and suffering? I haven't decided, and lets be honest, there is no good substitute for cheese. I could live without Milk, cottage cheese, butter, and almost everything else, I don't eat hardly any of it now, But no Greek yogurt, and no cheese? I don't know if I could do it. It's a learning process, and I don't think that there's one perfect way to eat. I think it's about balance and keeping things as natural as possible. It's when you get into the chemicals, additives, processed crap, and artificial garbage where I have a HUGE problem. There are SO many health issues that can be prevented if people would just take the time to learn about it, and cared enough about themselves to apply what they learn into eating right. I'm not saying I'm not guilty of consuming it every once in a while, Because lets be honest, I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the world that tastes as good as a fried cheese on a stick... But I always feel nasty after I eat it. That's how I know it can't be good for me. So for now, We're sticking to what I think is best for my kids, to get all of the nutrition that they need, and keeping them from the nasty stuff I know isn't good for them.   

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