Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm kinda stuck in the house today, So this is what I'll be up to... Making invitations, Baking bread, and possibly making a cute new necklace... like this one...

I love the simplicity, and my sweet little LaLa will love making it with me.

And of course, filling my head with ideas...
 I love this headboard... Mike is so wonderful, I could paint our bedroom pink, throw a crystal chandelier or 2 up, and as long as it had a ceiling fan and down comforter, he wouldn't care.
 I also LOVE this shirt... And it would be SO super easy to make... I may just have to add it to the project list... Because there isn't enough on it already...
 These are just gift wrap, But Oh heavens, They make me happy. Could you imagine a perfectly simple Christmas tree with a bunch of beautiful and coordinated presents like this under it? {SIGH.... DROOL... } It would have to be up from the minute Thanksgiving dinner were over to New Years day of course, and nobody would be allowed in the Christmas Tree Room...

 I also long for a vintage frame with burlap in it, and cute hooks, so that I can hang my jewelry and it can be a piece of art!
 I have a strange Obsession with long comfy dresses... I have stalked this dress for weeks, and cannot find where to buy it... So if anyone has too much time on their hands and wants to look for me, I'd love you forever.
 I saved the best for last... I want this mirror SO bad. Like to the point of, anything goes... If I had to break into someones house and peel it off the wall in the middle of the night, I would... They better hope I can't track it down... And if it's for sale, Mike's wallet better pray that I don't find it, Because I would pay almost anything for it. Okay, on to being productive.... And making breakfast. { My kids slept until 9:30 this morning, It was a Festivus Miracle!}


  1. Oh, and I have that mirror. I'm actually selling it for 8 million dollars. So, tell Mike's wallet to get.ready.