Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little bit of everything... literally. Random.

Oh heavens... I hate being sick. I think it's probably just a head cold, but still add that to the fact that I've gotten to the miserable part of pregnancy. I'm gigantic, I can't walk for very long, I officially had to retire my wedding ring because my fingers are so fat. I don't sleep at night. I swear my pelvis is broken. My back hurts all the time. I'm contracting every 10 minutes or so, and have been for the last 2 weeks and will most likely continue to do for the next few weeks, and I HAVE to keep this kid in at least another 3 weeks. But hey, I'm grateful he's still in there and he's healthy.

I sent the kids with my parents to Brysons Eagle scout project, where they made free safety ID profile kits for the kids. While that was going on I was experimenting with my butter and egg powder. I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And some oatmeal chocolate chip bars. Made entirely from food storage. And all whole ground wheat. They were good, but not great. A bit dense, and I think I need to reduce the wheat by 1/2 cup or so...
Anyhow.  I learned a valuable lesson, I don't have nearly as much butter powder as I need to have a full years supply. And same thing with my meat, fruits and veggies... I mean yes, I do have enough if we're really stretching out our food, but, I don't want to take that chance. So I'm going to be doubling a lot of what I have already. It's actually been really fun to be experimenting with food storage. I am really excited to show y'all how good it really is. We are going to have a huge kick off party for our provident living group, and we {my mother and I} are planning for the 4th Thursday in August. We want to make sure we have time to really do it right! And that will be right after our stake relief society provident living night and hopefully we will have the excitement of things on our side! So mark your calendars now!

In other news... I realized yesterday how fragile our income, and stability really is. The dealership is slow right now, and so Mike's month has started out slow. Which is fine, our needs will still be met {not necessarily the worlds idea of needs I.E. the picture above} regardless of a slow month {because we have chosen to live below our means, not just within.} But I was thinking... I am so glad that we have adopted this lifestyle. And learned how to distinguish wants and needs. It's really scary to think what we would do if Mike lost his job, or how long we could realistically make it without his income, had we not prepared for a "rainy day." I say that it's scary, because we've been there. I know what it's like. Now however, we have almost 4 little ones that would need a lot. I feel like I have forgotten how much has been given to us, how blessed we are. I knew that the lord had been so generous, But I think I started to take it for granted. How quick we are to forget. Or at least I am. It's a great reminder of the reason why we've chosen to live this way, and why all the sacrifices that we have made to do so, are well worth it. I know that I focus a lot on food storage, but that is just part of provident living. There's still the financial part, and more important is the spiritual side of everything. I am so grateful for a loving heavenly father who inspires his servants. I am grateful for modern day prophets, and grateful that we have been given this counsel. And I intend to show my gratitude through my actions, and hearken the counsel of the brethren. Little as it may be, I think that as long as I'm trying, that's what counts. The brethren didn't say, "go out and buy a years supply of food all at once." They said, buy a little extra, and over time, gradually, we will get there. The spiritual blessings are just as great as the temporal.

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