Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Provident living group

Okay, I've been saying I'm going to do this for a long time... I am starting a provident living group. I don't care if it's only me and my mom, But once a month we are going to get together and learn something about provident living. I don't claim to have all the information that I want to have, but I do claim that I want to know as much as I can. Why are you storing wheat if you don't know how to make bread? Or are you even storing that?!? So a few key things that we want to have "classes" on.

Where to begin... Figuring out your families needs for long term food storage and 3 month supply. And how to do it on a TINY budget over time.

{I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, Because I HATE multi level marketing schemes... But I recently signed up to be a Shelf Reliance consultant. I didn't do it to make money, I did it to save my family money.  Yes, I will host "parties" but not to sell you things, but because I want to help people who just don't know where to start and I want to help people stay motivated in their endeavors and not be overwhelmed and give up. And I will have access to more information than I currently do}

Learning how to make bread.. Yes, grinding the wheat...

Having tasting parties and recipe swaps. Learning to use our food storage. And tasting all the weird freeze fried long term foods. {um, I'm going to be honest, not to toot my own horn, But I have some YUMMY recipes, made with food storage items you'd never expect.}

Learning how and what to rotate from our food storage

Learning how to sprout

Learning how to make and use oat and bean flour.

Going over emergency plans

Having a few finance courses ( Um, shout out to Stephie Gross, I'm most likely going to ask you to do those :)

Making cannery trips


Learning how to can. And not just jam.

Possibly a very brief coupon lesson.

Maybe a quick sewing lesson? I'm just throwing things out there now...

So stop slacking and come hang hang out with us! Or at least come for the food. I'm thinking the 4th Thursday of every month. {Let me know if that's a good date or not} So PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know what else you think would be something you'd be interested in doing or learning about, and if you know any one who has skills, so that you don't have to listen to me and my mom all the time. And let me know if you're interested in coming!


  1. I absolutely love this idea!! It's the best idea I've ever heard in my entire life! 4th Thursday is great! I'm marking my calendar right now, let's do this!!

  2. Count me in! Any day but Tuesday is great for me. I do sprouts pretty often. PS Where do we park haha

  3. Ah Man! I so wish I could do this! Maybe I can convince Theo to let me drive to Jax every 4th Thursday just so I can take this class. But I don't think that would fit into our provident living considering gas prices! Dang it!