Thursday, July 28, 2011

A farm?

There's part of me that wishes I lived on a farm... Minus the nasty poopoo smell. And no cows or horses either... Those are just too big and stinky. But I really want a little piece of land that we could have chickens on, and let a puppy run, have some ATV's to ride around on, have some beautiful fruit trees, And a fantastic garden. Do I think it will ever happen? Mmmmmm, probably not, There's also a part of me that is a city girl snob. It would have to be a piece of land that was still within 15 minutes of a Target, and lots of fun activities for the kiddos. {Maybe we could just move right next to you Heidi, Kansas City sounds perfect!} Aside from the fact that I don't think I'll ever get Michael out of Jacksonville. But I can dream right?

Doesn't this make you want a chicken coop? To see more, go here!

And a garden to pick fresh fruits and veggies from and have an afternoon snack on the wrap around porch?
Have a pair of gardening boots by the door... sitting on beautiful rustic hardwood floors, That didn't matter if you scratched or dented them, because it would just add to the charm and beauty? 

With a perfect little country kitchen to make family breakfasts in, using freshly gathered eggs and fruit?

Hmmmmm.... maybe one day....

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