Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yay for cute free clothes!

Well, Today wasn't a total waste. I am proud to report that I was productive... sort of. I did get Brent's onesies done...

I made my sister cut them out... That's the part I hate. While she did that,
I made the girls some matching pillow case dresses.
{They look much cuter on, however, my girls were not in modeling moods}
 I wish I could say I "threw them together" in 10 minutes. But that would be a lie. Normally, {not running on pregnant brain} They do only take me 10 minutes, But I messed up the ruffle and had to redo it and that took me like an extra hour. Literally. So I guess I threw one of them together in an hour and the other in 10 minutes, after my brain had warmed up. So, today was productive, and I saved a bit of money. If I had bought all of this on Etsy, {Which, I'll be honest, If I hadn't gotten around to making them, I would have bought them} I would have easily paid well over $100, but because I had all of the fabric for everything already, and had some leftover onesies in my sewing box, It was free. WooHoo! For cute free clothes for my kids!


  1. Ok, so tie onesies are on my list of things to make. How hard were they? I recently made an applique'd initial and realized that sewing on onesies... is a totally different ball game than on a T-shirt!

  2. PS- how about you tell us HOW you made the dresses? :) Because I've been thinking about making Bailey one but I'm skeered.

  3. Um, I don't use a pattern for these dresses. I hold them up, guess the height, and wing it. It's worked so far. There are a million free tutorials for pillow case dresses. But I'm really just too lazy to take pictures through the whole process. I'll find you a good tutorial and send it to you though.