Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Does that make me CRAZY?

These last few days I've been in some crazy moods. In addition to my normal obsessive anti-clutter self, It's been magnified, thanks to this stupid "nesting" phase of pregnancy... I can't stand clutter and I really don't have any, but somehow, I'm still going crazy,  even the bowl that holds the fruit on the counter bothers me. In addition to that my sister and I have rearranged and organized the pantry twice, just this week. I've been in a cooking mood {not like me at all}... I made a few batches of jam yesterday, a batch of cupcakes today, and I really need to start some bread today. I also have the craziest urge to do a freezer day again... In addition to the list of sewing projects that I have, {Mind you this is after I've knocked out a few already}  A few more dresses for the girls, a papoose carrier, and now thanks to an outrageous price quote on a car seat cover, I get to add that to the list. I really hate this part of pregnancy It gives me anxiety... I'm way too round and uncomfortable to possibly be able to do all of this. Isn't there supposed to be some BURST of energy during this "nesting" phase that gives you the strength and energy to do it all? Because I'll be honest... I'm not finding it... at least not today.

So a few other thoughs about this pregnancy....

Carrying your 4th child is nothing like carrying the first 2 or even 3... It's much, much worse, every pain and discomfort is magnified by 100x. I don't know how Michelle Duggar has done this 19 times... how has her pelvis not fallen off?
I've gained 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks alone... awesome.
I'm addicted to nose spray. Seriously.
I'm up every hour on the hour to pee at night.
My belly itches like crazy. No matter how much lotion I put on it.
My right leg is numb 1/2 the time thanks to the baby sitting on my sciatic nerve.
If it's not numb, my toes are curled under themselves thanks to leg cramps.
It hurts to walk. I am positive at this point that my pelvis is broken.
Surprisingly, I'm not as swollen as I'm used to being at this point... Go figure, This is what it's like not to have toxemia?  
Can someone tell me why I get new stretch marks every time I'm pregnant? I mean... The babies are all basically the same size, can't they all just use the same stretch marks?...
My butt and tata's are humongous...  but then again, so is every other part of my body.
My nails and hair are in fantastic shape however... That's a bonus.
Living with contractions every 10-12 minutes for weeks isn't pleasant... AT ALL.
Terbutaline shots aren't pleasant... however they aren't as bad as betamethosone shots... Those are much much worse...
Pregnancy hormones are the devil... I am happy one second, and could {and probably would} bite a random strangers head off for looking at me the next...

Oh the joys of this mortal life. Okay, it's not really that bad, I know it could be much much worse. I'm grateful to be able to have children, I'm grateful that he's still in there... At least for the next week and 5 days, after that, he won't be welcome in there anymore. I'm very grateful for modern medicine. A cute little sister who is extremely helpful. And very grateful for a wonderful, loving, extremely patient husband, Even though he is terrible at back massages. Oh well, he can't be perfect I suppose.


  1. It IS that bad. Let me do something to help, like, sayyyy... I would be DELIGHTED to help you eat those cupcakes... :) and I was over your way today and going to call but didn't have your number on me. Next, week when I get back in town I will come help you do something.. whatever you need.

  2. Steve, Hilary, Holly and I are in the car on our way to CA. I had Holly read your pregnancy blog out loud. You are so funny. We howled, remember Holly is about 6 1/2 months pregnant so she can laugh. Hang in there :0)