Monday, August 1, 2011

So close!

I feel like I've fallen off the face of the planet these last few days...  I'll be honest,...Yes, I have been busy trying to get the house in order before the baby comes. But mostly I am just lazy and tired and really have no desire to see anyone or go anywhere. Not to mention that if you walk outside you start to sweat immediately. It's really not appealing to an already hot, angry, huge, pregnant lady to walk outside.  I have made a few trips to the grocery store and stocked up on some essentials before the baby comes, and of course made the trips to the doctors office/hospital. But other than that I don't go anywhere. I went to the doctors today, and was sent over to the hospital again, and got another shot to stop contractions, and hopefully this was the last one. I just have to be pregnant for 6 more days at least. That will put me at 36 weeks, So that I can deliver at the beaches hospital and so that my Dr. can deliver me. Now, however, I'm nervous that I have had so many shots to stop it, that I'm not going to end up going into labor anytime soon! But I'm really eager to get this kid out... can you tell? I just feel a little guilty because Blake, LaLa, & Kynzi are really not getting the attention and entertainment that they usually do from me. So the sooner this kid comes out, the better. Anyhow, Here are a few of my favorite must have baby items...

Minkey covered boppy pillow...

The Medela Symphony pump. I pump every day twice a day, and fill the freezer. So a good pump is essential for me. This is by far THE BEST pump you can use if you pump a lot.
And for on the go... I have tried every hand pump that exists, and I always come back to old faithful... The Medela Piston Cylinder Assembly hand pump. Seriously WAY better than any other hand pump out there. And it's cheaper. You can get it here.

Gerber bottles. Yes, the cheap dollar bottles. All the expensive bottles I have tried spill, don't travel well, or are a pain in the butt to wash. You don't need expensive bottles. I do also have some medela glass bottles, But I don't love them for on the go, or for when the baby is big enough to hold their own bottle and toss it across the room and break it.

Bibs... Lots of bibs so that their clothes don't get the yellow barf stains.

Gumdrop pacifiers. You can get them here.
We discovered these while Blake was in the NICU. And while none of my kids have really been binkey kids, in a pinch they will take them. And you can get them in vanilla scent!
A soft bristle brush and some baby oil or lotion to gently brush off the gross cradle cap flakes my babies never had it really bad, but they do make shampoo just for it...

 A Sling. I love my Papoose carrier. Seriously, there are times when I want to just hold and cuddle that sweet little baby, but the dishes are screaming for attention, Or another kid is screaming for my attention and I need my hands. This is worth its weight in gold. I carried Kynzi in it until she was about a year old. Until my belly got to big to carry a baby in my belly and her weight.  {She's my needy child that always has to be attached to me} you can get one here.

And of course some diapers wipes and onesies... thats about it... they really don't need a whole lot. I think we spend too much money on crap we never use. Or maybe it's just that it's our 4th child and that I don't have time to think of all the other fun non essential things.

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