Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guilt Free CHOWDER!!!

Yep, you read right... guilt free! And It's all food storage. We, My mom and I, {But mostly my mom, I just tasted and told her to add more this or less that...LoL} Originally made this recipe to be a dinner in a jar. {Just put the spices in a Ziplock bag at the top of the jar.}

4 cups water 
2 cups THRIVE FD corn 
1/4 cup THRIVE dehydrated carrots
1 cup THRIVE FD potato dices

1 tea onion powder  
1 1/2 tea. salt
3/4 tea. pepper
1/4 tea. ground thyme
1/4 tea. paprika
4 bouillon cubes

2 cans non fat evaporated milk
1/4 cup corn meal
1 Tablespoon flour

In separate container mix milk, corn meal, and flour. set aside.
Boil everything else until re-hydrated. About 15-20 min. {the carrots take the longest to re constitute, you can add those first, and add the corn and potatoes 10 min later if you want, but I don't have time to baby-sit dinner, so I dump it all in at once}
Then add the milk mixture and boil for one minute longer. DONE! You can also add bacon, But then it's not guilt free.
And for the record, It's the best dang corn chowder I've ever had.

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