Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I found it.

I have found my "BURST" of energy! So maybe that means I'm having a kid soon? Or maybe not... But I can tell you it means I will get a car seat cover cover done. Here are the fabrics it will be made of...

So, I'm totally an idiot, and threw away the last pattern I used. So this is going to make it tricky... It's going to be a guessing game... But I can do anything right?! Yeah, we'll see how true that is. So If you were considering making one here's a great tutorial. But you will need your old cover. And you can't be shy, you just gotta jump in feet first, because you're going to need to cut the old one up into pieces. If you're dumb like me and threw it away, Well, Sorry, I don't have a good suggestion. I've made a few of them and honestly, I'm going to be wingin' it.

It also means that I will be making my wrap. And yes, I plan on having all of this done by the end of the week. These suckers are SUPER easy to make. As long as you can cut a straight line. I'll be honest, sometimes I struggle with that. So here's a very simple tutorial for it. Just as a side note though, you'll have to buy 6 yards of fabric {this will make 3 wraps, but you have to buy 6 yards for the length}, so make sure you have your 40% Jo Annes coupon handy. Alright, I'm off to be super productive while I still have the urge and the energy to be.

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