Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tonight I literally wanted to scream and cry at the same time. My house was disastrous, I didnt make dinner, I am way behind on everything I needed to accomplish in the day, and Mike left for scouts. In the middle of the bewitching hour. Kynzi and Brent did not get naps today and were screaming in surround sound, And then Brent puked a little in his high chair. Not so bad, What's a little more chaos in the midst of 4 tired hungry needy kids. I think to myself, If I can just get two of them down for bed, I can make it... As I am changing his diaper he projectile vomits all over himself, and the white carpet. Add to that the major diaper rash he has that I am trying to clean off his poor raw red bum, while he's vomiting. I literally just wanted to scream, cry, and walk up to my room, close the door, and disappear. Pretend it wasn't my life. Well, Unfortunately that wasn't an option. Long story short, it's been a long rough night for me, and I am in a pretty terrible mood. So, I decided to drown my sorrows in some really delicious cookies. Yes, I am an emotional eater. But I only ate one, So I am an emotional eater with self control. Okay, actually I have no self control these things are just really really sweet and one will do the trick. And it worked, I feel better already. 


1 C. butter
¾ C. cornstarch
¾ C. powdered sugar
1 C. flour
1 recipe Cream Cheese Frosting (see below)
In a medium bowl, cream butter until fluffy.  Add cornstarch & sugar and blend well.  Beat in flour until thoroughly mixed.  Drop by small teaspoons onto baking sheet & flatten out with the bottom of a class. (Dip glass in powdered sugar to prevent sticking).  Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  Cool on wire rack & frost with Cream Cheese Frosting.
Cream Cheese Frosting

1 (3oz.) package cream cheese, softened
1 C. powdered sugar
½ t. vanilla
Mix all ingredients together.  Color with food coloring if desired.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 Is this kid too much or what? She is going to be the one to keep us on our toes. 
 Blake started kindergarten yesterday. He was so happy. The kid was ready to go back to school the day it got out. He said he likes his class, But he said he liked Miss Michelle's class better. {This was his pre school teacher, and they were best friends} I think he maybe just needs some time.{Which unfortunately he wont have at this school.} His teacher, Mrs. Colclough {cole-cleff} is very nice. And she seems to be very patient and very good with the kids. I don't know if this is normal, or if I'm just not allowing myself to get attached because I know we're moving, But I am just not feeling this school. I know people would die to have their kids attend Chets Creek, But I am just not really feeling it. It's huge,  There are more than 20 kids in Blakes class with one teacher. It just seems like it would be impossible for my kids to form a relationship with their teachers, and I feel like if they have a good relationship with their teachers they will thrive in their learning environment. I don't know, I just feel like something is missing and I don't know what it is. I just don't feel like it's where he belongs. Again, Maybe that's just because I know we are leaving in a couple of months, or maybe I am just deep down a homeschooling hippy and I don't know it. I'm hoping that wherever he ends up when we move, I will be a bit more excited and have a peace come over me knowing that he is where he will do best. I don't feel that way where he is now.

LaLa starts VPK next Monday. She is so ready to go and the extra week is practically killing her. 
But she also had a big day yesterday. She got her first violin. {I had one for her, But it's still too big. She will have to grow into that one} So we went to the violin shop and had her fitted for the right size. Look how teeny hers is... I felt like I was going to break it while I was tuning it with those teeny tiny pegs, In fact it was hard to get my fat little fingers around one without bumping the others.
 It made my heart so happy that she wants to play. And I love that we have something to do together that is just our special mama and lala time.  
 She is so eager to learn. And won't stop pestering me about teaching her. I'm okay with that! She has a fantastic grasp of how to hold it, and is very insistent that I show her how to hold it correctly, And she is really phenomenal at playing just the string I tell her to play. Most kids regardless of age, It takes a while for them to figure out the angle that they need to hold their bow at in order to play just one string not two at a time. And no squeaks! Hallelujah. My mother was a saint for listening to me practice those first few years. Yikes! The violin is not like a piano, or something else that if you strike a key, that's the note it makes, on the violin, If your finger is off by a tenth of a millimeter, it will make it sound like a cat is dying. It took me a good bit to figure out how to make that beautiful instrument sound -not-so-dying-cat-like.

I have taught violin for years, Many many moons ago, But I have never taught a child who cant read. I've never taught a kid under 7, And they already knew how to read music, making my job easy. So I was really struggling how to go about this. I looked on a few teacher discussion boards, and of course everyone has different opinions, But what seemed to be the majority vote for kids this young, was Suzuki.
 I. HATE. SUZUKI. Like, with a passion. It teaches children to play like robots. They learn to play precise, exact, and like little bow-slinging-fast-finger-moving-robot-zombies. There is no feeling or emotion. Don't get me wrong, Those suzuki taught kids have impeccable timing, And can sight read like a hawk. But if you want a beautiful musical number that will speak to our soul, Those kids can't give it to you. Obviously there are some exceptions, and I do like a few of their books, But I do not like the Suzuki method. So, I was basically up a creek and on my own to figure out how to go about teaching her. So upon some searching I came across this.

This was the best method I have come across. Even for kids who can read, But can't read music just yet. I did not want to teach her to play by ear because I know far too many people who started playing an instrument by ear, and never learned to read or rely on reading music and as a result have put limitations on themselves. But when you put a kid who can play by ear, and read music, watch out world. Call me crazy, That's alright. I'm excited about all of the possibilities that are opening up with them getting a little bigger. I can't wait to start the kids in piano lessons, and am so thrilled with the thought of them learning new skills and finding out what talents they have been blessed with, and then helping them develop those talents and interests. {Blake told me today he wants to play the tuba. LOL. Where are my ear plugs? Perhaps I can persuade him to play the cello.}

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meal planning.

So hopefully this will help me keep my sanity. Two weeks of meals. Planned and groceries bought. I've had a lot of people ask me if I really feed my family of 6 for $100 a week, Organically and naturally. Yes, I do. And this is how I do it. I make almost everything from scratch. And when we move to the new house, I am starting a huge garden with the help of our sweet friend Miss Gail. Who is a horticulturalist. Hopefully she can turn this brown thumb into a green thumb.

 How freaking cute are these cards... I think I need to print some out!

Monday: B- Whole wheat Banana Flax muffins.
                L-Grilled Chicken Breast Chunks.
                    Fren-swan keen rice. {Blake named it. It's homemade quinoa and brown rice pilaf}
                    Homemade nilla wafers.
                    Grapes & Watermelon
                    purple carrots and raw broccoli. {Yes, my kids eat raw broccoli.}
                D-Salsa Chicken black beans and corn

Tuesday: B-Oatmeal
                L- Chicken chili and tortilla chips
                     Corn {frozen}
                      dinosaur egg pluot
                D- Spaghetti and french bread

Wednesday: B-Whole wheat banana pancakes
                    L-Chicken breast strips
                        Homemade bread sticks  {I tweaked this recipe. 1 tea. salt. 1/2 bread flour 1/2 WW}
                        cucumbers & carrots with greek yogurt ranch
                     D- Alfredo bake with Canadian bacon and mushrooms with peas and bread sticks
Thursday: B- Zucchini carrot bars
                     tomatoes and carrots with GY ranch
                  D- homemade Hawaiian pizza {Pineapple and canadian bacon}
Friday: B-waffles and fruit
             L-wheat doughnuts
                 mini banana
                 almonds {Blake calls them seeds}
             D- Chicken gravy and rice
Saturday: Pancake muffins
                Homemade chick fil a nuggets roasted tri colored potatoes and fruit
                Chicken Brodies
Sunday: B-Cinnamon Rolls
              L- almond butter and jelly sandwich
              D- Nanas house

Monday: B-cinnamon toast and dinosaur pluots
                L- nanas Whole wheat focaccia bread
                 sugar snap peas
                  homemade nilla wafers
                  Kiwis and black grapes
                D-Chicken divan
Tuesday- B-Waffles
                L- Almond butter and honey sandwich
                raw broccoli
                tri colored carrots and GY ranch
                Homemade cheeze its
               D- Teriyaki chicken and rice

Wednesday- B-doughnuts
                     L-Grilled chicken breast chunks
                     fren-swan keen rice
                     fresh spinach {You'll be surprised at what your kids will eat if you just give it to them}
                     D- Hobo packets

Thursday- B-Waffles
                  L- Canadian bacon circles
                       homemade nilla wafers
                       cucumbers and GY ranch
                       roasted potatoes
                   D- Tacos

Friday-B- Cinnamon rolls
            L- mini pizzas 
              sweet peas
              grapes & apples
            D-Skillet lasagna

Saturday- B-Pancakes
                 L-  Bread sticks and red sauce
                 D- Hot ham sandwiches

Sunday - B- Oatmeal
               D- Nanas house

 The Grocery list and the budget.

This is minus the pantry items. So keep that in mind. {I usually buy three or four pantry items in a trip. This week was brown rice, almonds, vinegar and baking soda} I Always use at least 1/2 Whole wheat flour in everything. If not 100%. And I grind it myself and buy it from the cannery. And All meat and produce and dairy is organic. Our Costco has a FANTASTIC selection of organic, and so does my Publix. I only shop at Costco target and publix.

Cream cheese -$ 1.89
Almond butter-$5.99
almonds-$10.89 (3 pounds)
bananas-$1.39 {I lied, I do not buy organic bananas}
Organic Chicken Breasts-$22.10
Black Grapes-$7.99
english cucumbers-$3.79
Canadian bacon-$10.99
Rice milk-$13.99 {Its like 12 cartons}
Veggie tray-$6.90 {tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and sugar snap peas, It was cheaper to buy it this way than it was to buy an individual package of all those things}
Greek yogurt-$4.79
black beans-$1.89 {dry}
tortilla chips-$5.29
Brown rice-$9.39 {6 pounds}
Potatoes-$6.99 {yellow purple and red mix}

This is for two weeks. And because I wash my fruit and veggies with the vinegar, {The ones that can be, Obviously I dont do bananas and watermelon} they do last this long. And because I make a lot of our bread rolls crackers,  sauces and such, I can feed this big ole family of ours for $100 or so per week. There is still a bit left in the budget just in case I forgot something, or in case I find a killer BOGO sale, I have a little cushion to stock up. Hope it helps!

Friday, August 17, 2012

This is what I just finished reading. 
It was a quick, easy read. Which I really like because I don't have the attention span for longer books. 
I think you should read it, Not necessarily to follow exactly what she did, But to get ideas that can benefit your family.

Here's what I liked and a few Ideas that have been inspired by the book and some thoughts and realizations that occurred to me.
{Quotes from the book are in blue}
 {My thoughts are in purple}
 Instead of communicating "I love you, so let me make life easy for you,"  I decided that my message needed to be something more along these lines "I love you. I believe in you. I know what you're capable of. I'm going to make you work.

Kids need to know how to work. Plain and simple. And this generation, {mine} is lazy. And the next generation is bound to be even worse if something drastic doesn't change. I will not be part of that problem. My children will NOT be part of that problem.There are a few who learned to work, and who are hard workers. But the mentality that the world teaches is that of lazieness and taking the easiest road and only doing a job half way. 
Pardon my french, but I grew up knowing that if you half-assed {ass isn't a bad word, it's in the bible
- The gospel according to my grandpa} a job you were in deep doo doo trouble. And you were going to make up for your lack of effort by doing twice the work you were assigned in the first place.
Sadly the majority of this generation is lazy and expects a free ride. They think that they are owed something in life. That they are entitled to everything. 
They see privileges as rights. 
Their ideas of "necessities" are ridiculous. 
 I was part of that problem. The outrageous ideas of needs vs. wants. And I expected that my parents would provide whatever I thought I "needed"

 In truth, however, my real responsibility as their mother is to teach, not to tackle tasks for them.
I am a mama bear. And I will protect my kids with my life. And sometimes it means that I make life TOO easy for them. Now don't get me wrong, I know that my kids are still very young, But there are things that I need to make them do to help them get used to getting out of their comfort zone. If I do things for them now because they think they are hard or they are embarrassed or scared to do, That is going to set the precedence for the rest of their lives. If they grow up with mom bailing them out, then when it is time for them to branch out and spread their wings and I try to start teaching them to do things on their own that they think are hard or out of their comfort zone, it's going to be hard to break the habit of mom bailing them out.
I can see myself flirting with the very dangerous line of "helping Vs. Hurting"
It will be easier for me to do it for them, Or it will be hard to watch them struggle to learn new skills, And it will be hard to know when to step in and when to let them swallow a little water and keep on swimming. 

My friend Laruen shared her strategy, which we'll be implementing. A mother of three, she decided to incentivize her teenage girls by putting a jar filled with thirty one dollar bills in their rooms at the start of a month. each day she checks to see it the beds are made and the stuff is put away. If rooms don't pass inspection, she takes a dollar out of the jar. At the end of the month, the girls get to keep whatever cashola is left in the jar.

We will be implementing this one. Maybe not with dollars, maybe quarters or candy until they are bigger. But it will serve as their allowance and a few other chores will need to also be carried out in order to ear the goods.

When I step in, fix problems, and do those little household chores (or homework!), I send the message that they can't do it themselves. and if they can't do the small  things, how will they ever attempt the big things?

I had never thought of it that way but it's so true. Prime example, I always put Blakes shoes on for him, just because it's faster. Now he expects me to do it, and tells me he "can't" I mean, c'mon kid, Your two year old sister can put on her own shoes. Surely you can do it, You just think you don't have to because I have enabled you for so long. 

"Parents are constanly telling their children how special and talented they are. This gives the, an inflated view of their specialness compared to other human beings. Instead of feeling good about themselves, they feel better than everyone else. 
This one made me sick to my stomach. How do you make your kids confident and not cocky? 
We have very confident children. Mike and I are both confident people. I don't think cocky, but the confidence that comes from knowing ones self worth and having a testimony of who we are and in whose image we are created... How do you explain that to a 5 year old? We have a LOT of work ahead of us with this one. I tell at least one kid everyday not to compare themselves to others. 

She mentions it briefly in the book, But these are my thoughts, This whole "everyone is a winner and everyone gets a trophy is CRAP." Go ahead. Try to argue it with me,  I dare you.  If everyone is a winner, Where is the drive to do better? Where is the room for improvement? Where is the motivation to work harder. You can't have the sweet without the bitter. Kids need to know that there are winners and losers in life. If you lose, You work harder and smarter. You learn from the lesson and You try again. You don't ever give up. EVER. 

A child will jump only as high as the bar is set. But he will jump. He needs the bar to be set until the day he can do that for himself too. 

Little known fact... I pole vaulted in high school. I remember the first time coach Bolken set the bar at 7 feet, {It seems so small, But it was insurmountable to me at the time} I tried over and over and over, I knocked the bar down every try every day for a week. Until finally I did it, And you know what happened after that... The coach moved it up an inch, And I didn't clear it the first time, But I did the second time. I never would have tried it, I needed someone there to tell me I could. I needed someone to literally and figuratively set the bar high.
My children will know what is expected of them. And the bar will be high.

Any how, It's a great book and you should give it a shot. It has some great ideas that I'm sure more will stem from.

 This is what happens when I skip a week of blogging. We get a massively long post about everything under the sun.  My life is a mixture of chaos and boredom right now. I've been laying in my bed or in the rocking chair for the last week. I finally broke down and went to the Dr. and got some antibiotics. I really didn't want to spend another $100 on the Dr. and prescriptions after our massive dentist spending month, but after I could hardly stand up I figured I should go.
LaLas teeth were way worse than Blakes. She had one crown put on, and 6 cavities filled, and still has 3 cavities that still need filled. And if you're wondering yes, I brush my kids teeth. I had hyperemisis with both pregnancies and so they didn't get the minerals and nutrients that they needed to form their teeth buds correctly. LaLas two front teeth grew in with two holes in them. So they will basically be cursed with cavities and fillings their entire life. I told Mike, hey at least after they have all their teeth filled or crowned there eventually won't be anything left to get cavities! He didn't think that was so funny. I'm probably the only mom that prays their kids teeth fall out. No teeth = no cavities...

I feel the need for some massive organization. Routine, scheduel, lists, charts, etc. Blake starts school Monday, and LaLa starts the Monday after. Lists and organization come naturally to me, thank heavens. Because we need it. On the to do list today is planning the months meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no way in heck I am letting my kids eat school lunch, So I am making them pick their own lunches {pictures from online} And then we will keep a calendar with pictures so they know what is to eat {And what they need to pack, More on that in a sec} and I can stick to a plan and budget and keep my sanity. I intend to make them pack their own lunches three times a week. I will show them the picture and leave them to their own devices to pack it. Obviously because they are still very small, I will check their lunches and make sure they have food to eat. But I am also super excited to make them some cute bento lunches. I would love to say that I could do this every day, But I don't have that kind of time. So to be realistic and not set myself up for failure and also give my kids some responsibility, The plan is to make cute lunches twice a week, maybe Monday and Friday. And then they will learn to follow direction and learn to take care of themselves by packing their lunch Tuesday - Thursday. Lunches will be made the day before to avoid any more chaos in the mornings. And clothing will be picked out and laid out the night before. Breakfast has to be quick and filling, crock pot, Make ahead casseroles, and easy stuff to throw in the microwave from the freezer, Cinnamon rolls, waffles and pancakes. {homemade obviously} Except maybe the waffles, I don't have a waffle maker and the Vans waffles are awfully delicious. And cheap when they are BOGO.
I am officially married to an old man, Mike turned 30. 30 years old. Like officially out of the twenties. Oh my word. He sure is a good lookin' old man though.
My baby is one! I looked at Mike and said, this is the last first birthday we are going to celebrate. I was a bit sad, He seemed pretty okay with that fact. {That may or may not have had something to do with their one AM bonding session the other night.} He's starting to think about walking, and to be honest, I'm okay with that.

The house is coming along nicely. We have stairs, windows, a sliding back door, {Which may not seem like a big deal, but it is. It means a lot to us to have a door to the back, Because that means we have a yard for our kiddos to play in again. We have missed it and will not take it for granted again. And it's the coolest back door ever, It slides into the wall and disappears completely!} Perfect for parties. So come on over! And we have singles on the roof. The roofers were up there yesterday. Man they are some brave workers! They were walking on the roof like it was no big deal. I would be terrified and I sure wouldn't be slinging around a ten pound nail gun to throw me off balance! It was pretty cool to watch them. 

We walked through and were able to get the feel for the layout. It was so cool to go upstairs and see the rooms and imagine how I'd decorate and where I'll put what. And it will be awesome to wake up and not have a kid or two in my bedroom on the floor, because I'll have a door that actually locks. And hopefully they will want to stay in their rooms because they will have their own space. I will never build a house again. The anticipation and the waiting are killing me. I'm not a patient person, and I like instant gratification. When you buy a house that's already built, it's already there and you just have to close and move in. When you build one, the weeks seem like months. We have had the decision made since January that this is the house we were going to build. It's been a long 8 months. On the bright side... I only have to pay the rent ONE MORE TIME!!!! That makes me beyond giddy with excitement.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids are expensive.

I've been down in the dumps a bit lately. My heart is heavy for a sweet friend of mine,  I've got another sinus infection, and little baby Brent is still full of green boogies. I think I am just a bit blue from being stuck in the house, with no routine, no school scheduel, and massive dental bills. Yep, LaLa's teeth were even worse than Blakes. So bad in fact, that the dentist didn't even tell us how many cavities she has... She just set up a treatment plan. LaLa will be back there tomorrow to start her crown and fillings. I did look at the xrays and I am pretty sure she has a cavity on each tooth. No, I'm not kidding. The kid has no enamel.

I'm also checked out. As in, I am mentally just over being here in this state of temporary everything. It's really hard for me to be excited about the kids going to school and their new teachers and what have you, When I know that as soon as they get settled in and comfortable after the first 8 weeks, {7 for LaLa,} We will be moving and they will have to start all over again.
That's another thing. Whenever I got the blues, I would start a new project on the house. Paint or something, Well, I can't do that. Planning the new living room was my project right now, and thanks to the dentist bills this month, that project has been postponed. I kissed my leather living room set goodbye. This was the one I was set to buy... Until the dentist bills rolled in.

Oh it's pretty... But it just has to wait, and oh yeah, It's $800 off right now. And I'm sure it wont be on sale when we do go to buy it... So that's awesome. 
We've never had new furniture before, So I was pretty excited about this one... Oh well. There will always be couches right? I'm grateful that we had the means to get the kiddos teeth taken care of.
Let's be honest. I really would rather have spent those means on a leather living room set though. 

In other news, I took the kids school clothes shopping. LaLa got a pair of jeans, And a few t shirts. Gap kids had 30% off your entire purchase last weekend, So I raided their clearance section.
They had nothing for Blake though. So we wandered the mall and Lactose was having 50% & 60% off their kids polos. So we lucked out and got $60 polos for Blake for $20. Yes, still more than I wanted to spend, But here's the thing, Target polos are still $14... For an extra $6 bucks, I'd rather have those. Those shirts are fantastic quality. He has some that he's had for 2 years, and other than him growing out of them they are in fantastic shape. Almost like brand new. And guess what, I still have another little munchkin that can wear the hand me downs because they are still in such great shape. I have bought cheap target and old navy polos before, but they end up having holes from being washed so many times, or staining beyond my ability to oxi-clean it out. So, Yes, It wasn't the conventional "frugality" That I go for, But if you look long term that those shirts will last both Blake and Brent, Money very well spent. It's not like they will go out of style Hello? Lacoste has been the same since the 70's! LOL. 
They still need tennis shoes, and are begging for light up ones, Yeah, That's not happening they are so ugly, AND expensive. For real sketchers? $70 for ugly kids light up shoes? Ridiculous.
I did buy their lunch boxes. I really wanted a bento box, But I wanted something with 5 or 6 compartments, So it was between these ones...
Really liked this one, But it was just too much money.

I also really liked this one. And the price was much better. But Blake only wanted the pac man one, and it was sold out everywhere, or on back order and wouldn't be here in time for school to start.

So we settled on this one. From Pottery Barn. 
Aren't these ice packs the cutest thing you've ever seen?

I tried to get him to go with batman, But he insisted on star wars.

I also got the other kids the bento containers so that I can pack everyone lunch at the same time and save myself some headache during the middle of the day. 
And for the record, Yes, I am ready for them to go back to school. I need it and they need it. 
I feel a little better now that I have vented... But you know what this post really taught me... Kids are expensive. Especially when you have a lot of them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The toothache

Let me take you back to August of last year... Blake had two little cavities. Teeny tiny ones that would have cost me $75 for laughing gas, and maybe $50 a piece to have filled. Well, Being the idiot that I am, I decided, Eh, They are baby teeth and they will fall out anyways, let's save the $200. 
So we forgo getting them filled. I figured, Well, They aren't bothering him and so we will just keep them brushed and flossed and keep an eye on them. Well, Of course, I forgot about them...
Fast forward to yesterday, Blake tells me his tooth hurts. Okay, I'll call in the morning and make you an appointment. So, I call and make an appointment for next Tuesday. 30 minutes later Blake comes to me crying because he must have had cinnamon roll stuck in his teeth, and his tooth was hurting. So I go to brush his teeth to get it out and his gums start bleeding like crazy, and hes crying. Okay, call the dentist back and rush in there this afternoon... 2 MASSIVE cavities. And two new ones the size of what the two huge ones were last year. {I don't know how we skipped their last 6 month appt} Awesome.
The dentist then starts out by talking to us and saying "now not to make you feel guilty..." Yeah, So about a 20 minute guilt trip later, we are faced with the decision to either pull his bottom two first molars, and have a spacer retainer cemented in place until hes 10 or 11. Or other option, have a pulpectomy {a partial root canal} and then have them crowned. And of course white crowns are $100 more a piece than the silver ones.
And then starting a prescription treatment to try and "heal" the other cavities.
So, Now instead of spending $200 on fillings, we are spending a lot more. Like $700. And yes, We have dental insurance. 
Great, And that's only one kid. I know Lex is probably in the same boat, But her appointment isn't until next week.
So, A few preventative measures that maybe will save you {and me} some money in the long run. 

We will be investing in sonicare toothbrushes for each of our kids. Yes, They are expensive. But they sure as heck are a lot cheaper than $700.  And if you buy them through your dentists office you can get a mail in rebate. Times that by 4 kids and its totally worth the hassle of the rebate.

No soda. Period. Not that they have that very often, But its totally out now.
No gatorade. Yeah, So, Blake used to have one of those little clear gatorades each day at recess. Did you know that one green powerade has the same acidity level as battery acid. Yeah, Neither did I until the dentist told me today. Yeah, I wanted to shoot myself for giving him that. I am SO PROTECTIVE of what my kids eat that I couldn't believe I had basically destroyed my kids teeth single handedly by giving him that gatorade.
Easy on the juice. So, I am insane about not giving my kids apple juice and grape juice and stuff like that, But then the dentist asked me if I gave them juice and I said "No! no way, that stuff is pure sugar"  And then Mike said well, What about your naked juice... Oh crap. Yeah, my kids drink green naked juice like water. Didn't even dawn on me that that was "Juice" Hello? Yes, Its fruits and veggies, But its also sugar. And I have to be better about brushing their teeth during the day. They will still get green naked juice, Just not in a sippy cup throughout the day. Just once with a meal.
And thats another thing. My kids are grazers. They eat all day long. So the dentist explained that its better to just give them something all at once instead of prolonging the tooths exposure to the sugars. I mean, I can't win right? The dr says eat 5 meals a day and the dentist says that kills our teeth... Awesome. So, Yeah, All you parents that are only letting your kids have  a few pieces of Halloween candy a each day and spreading it out over months, You're doing it wrong. It's better to just let them gorge themselves on it for one or two days.
And we will let our kids have xylitol gum. All the xylitol gum they want... Until it ends up in someones hair. But thats what we have peanut butter for right? I don't remember exactly why the dentist said it was good for their teeth, But it is, and its cheap, So done deal.
Heavens to betsy, So remember when I said I make lots financial mistakes... This is one of them. {The kitchen in the new house may be a close second, but don't tell Mike I admitted that, and I don't really feel bad about that one, It's gorgeous}
Being cheap cost me. Oh it got me good. So, there is a difference between being cheap/stupid, And being frugal. So, Lesson learned...
 I will never be cheap at the doctors, {Not that I have ever been cheap in that aspect, Shoot, I paid for all of Doctor Mo's kids to go to summer camps this year I'm sure, We are in there at least twice a month} and
I will never be cheap at the dentist. 
I will never be cheap {again} with preventative measures... Because for real, it is just going to end up costing you {Me} outrageous amounts later on down the road.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Do you know what that bad boy is???  It's a free motion foot. I picked one up tonight and gave it a little test drive... I'm bad at it. Really bad. Now, For the record... I am not a quilter. Seamstress, yes, quilter no. But I figured I'd give it a whirl.
I think that I {like every woman} have changed my mind. I think I may go in a different direction for the girls room. So I am going to try my hand at making them quilts.
I was going with light grey and light pink... But LaLa has strongly voiced her opinion on that one and wasn't digging it. So, I was going to use this color pallet /scheme for my office, but I think I could better display the fabrics in a bedroom VS my office. And for creativity sake, I may use muted colors in my office so inspiration and creativity can flow without being interrupted by wild colors and patterns. {Let's be honest, My entire house would be orange and aqua if I could get away with it.}

So, I'll be practicing that quite some bit... I need A LOT of practice.

 I love this picture of my cute little Dino loving lady.
Make yourself comfortable Kynzi... That's my spot
 Is there anything better than a sleeping little love bug?

If you're sick of reading about the house... stop here. This blog is really for me and my family so that we remember all the emotions and thoughts through this process.

So, My mom told me she was going to the St. Augustine outlets today and so I asked her to swing by the house while she was down that way. I wasn't expecting a change from Wednesday. So when she sent me these pictures I thought she was joking with me and sending me someone else's house. That would not have been a funny trick. But I started looking closer and realized... That's my front porch... that's my side entry garage... and that's my craft room!!! It is our house!!! It's only been 3 days... and look at the difference! {insert giddy school girl squeal here.} It's coming together!! It's so hard to imagine what it will really look like when you are building a house from scratch and staring at a bunch of drawings that someone has scribbled over and where you've crossed things out and moved walls and what have you... Our house isn't a cookie cutter house, So while we did walk through some similar floor plans, none of them are our floor plan. Nothing could help me imagine what it was really going to be like! We may just have to take a little drive down there tomorrow and actually walk through and get a feel for the flow of the rooms.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We are making progress!!
 This was the view yesterday as you rounded the corner by the baseball fields on our street... Do you see that?!?!! Right there on the corner??
 WE HAVE A FRAME!!! Well, at least part of one... We're missing a second story still.
 But its progress!! Visual progress! Considering the foundation was poured just last Friday, And this was on Wednesday afternoon! Crazy.
 This is what my garage looks like. That's the girls bed... I'm almost done painting. Then the distressing. Man, I can't wait to have my garage back. I hate not being able to walk in there.
 This bed is a labor of love. I do LOVE it in white. It is going to be absolutely stunning when it's done. Add some ruffly bedding and a cute crystal chandelier and their room will be magnificent. 
 As if I didn't have enough going on, I have been sewing like a mad woman...

 Yep... That's a dinosaur dress. You wish you had one don't you?
 These pants will be the majority of LaLa's school clothes. She loves to help me cut them out and serge them. They are super comfy, So she will actually wear them, They take about 20 minutes start to finish to make, And they only cost about $7 in fabric.

I know these are messy, I was sewing them at midnight last night and was half asleep.

I have had a few questions about the size tags that I make. Here is the tutorial I was inspired by.  {Is there anything she doesn't think of?!? I just stitched a number on each side of the word so that the kids could pick out which size was theirs. {They aren't all readers yet.}
 I bought my ink pad online on amazon, But I saw them in Michaels the other day on an end cap. {You have to get an ink pad that can be heat set on fabric.} I may go pick up a few more colors with some 40% off coupons. And Joannes carries the cotton ribbon in the "by the yard" section of trims. I bought like 5 yards and used a coupon. So it was really cheap.
I went to a Relief Society meeting on Tuesday and this is what Granny Gar had the kiddos in. Aren't my little superheros cute?! I can't tell you how much I love these little ones. I love that I can stay home with them and cuddle them and make cute stuff with them and for them. I love that I can take them to the pool, I love that I get to see the funny things they do and hear the crazy things they say, and that I am the one who gets to experience this little life of ours with them. I couldn't imagine missing these short few years that they are little. We have eternity to know them as adults but only a blink of time to savor the moments that they are children. There is nothing more I would want to be doing than spending these precious moments with them.