Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kids are expensive.

I've been down in the dumps a bit lately. My heart is heavy for a sweet friend of mine,  I've got another sinus infection, and little baby Brent is still full of green boogies. I think I am just a bit blue from being stuck in the house, with no routine, no school scheduel, and massive dental bills. Yep, LaLa's teeth were even worse than Blakes. So bad in fact, that the dentist didn't even tell us how many cavities she has... She just set up a treatment plan. LaLa will be back there tomorrow to start her crown and fillings. I did look at the xrays and I am pretty sure she has a cavity on each tooth. No, I'm not kidding. The kid has no enamel.

I'm also checked out. As in, I am mentally just over being here in this state of temporary everything. It's really hard for me to be excited about the kids going to school and their new teachers and what have you, When I know that as soon as they get settled in and comfortable after the first 8 weeks, {7 for LaLa,} We will be moving and they will have to start all over again.
That's another thing. Whenever I got the blues, I would start a new project on the house. Paint or something, Well, I can't do that. Planning the new living room was my project right now, and thanks to the dentist bills this month, that project has been postponed. I kissed my leather living room set goodbye. This was the one I was set to buy... Until the dentist bills rolled in.

Oh it's pretty... But it just has to wait, and oh yeah, It's $800 off right now. And I'm sure it wont be on sale when we do go to buy it... So that's awesome. 
We've never had new furniture before, So I was pretty excited about this one... Oh well. There will always be couches right? I'm grateful that we had the means to get the kiddos teeth taken care of.
Let's be honest. I really would rather have spent those means on a leather living room set though. 

In other news, I took the kids school clothes shopping. LaLa got a pair of jeans, And a few t shirts. Gap kids had 30% off your entire purchase last weekend, So I raided their clearance section.
They had nothing for Blake though. So we wandered the mall and Lactose was having 50% & 60% off their kids polos. So we lucked out and got $60 polos for Blake for $20. Yes, still more than I wanted to spend, But here's the thing, Target polos are still $14... For an extra $6 bucks, I'd rather have those. Those shirts are fantastic quality. He has some that he's had for 2 years, and other than him growing out of them they are in fantastic shape. Almost like brand new. And guess what, I still have another little munchkin that can wear the hand me downs because they are still in such great shape. I have bought cheap target and old navy polos before, but they end up having holes from being washed so many times, or staining beyond my ability to oxi-clean it out. So, Yes, It wasn't the conventional "frugality" That I go for, But if you look long term that those shirts will last both Blake and Brent, Money very well spent. It's not like they will go out of style Hello? Lacoste has been the same since the 70's! LOL. 
They still need tennis shoes, and are begging for light up ones, Yeah, That's not happening they are so ugly, AND expensive. For real sketchers? $70 for ugly kids light up shoes? Ridiculous.
I did buy their lunch boxes. I really wanted a bento box, But I wanted something with 5 or 6 compartments, So it was between these ones...
Really liked this one, But it was just too much money.

I also really liked this one. And the price was much better. But Blake only wanted the pac man one, and it was sold out everywhere, or on back order and wouldn't be here in time for school to start.

So we settled on this one. From Pottery Barn. 
Aren't these ice packs the cutest thing you've ever seen?

I tried to get him to go with batman, But he insisted on star wars.

I also got the other kids the bento containers so that I can pack everyone lunch at the same time and save myself some headache during the middle of the day. 
And for the record, Yes, I am ready for them to go back to school. I need it and they need it. 
I feel a little better now that I have vented... But you know what this post really taught me... Kids are expensive. Especially when you have a lot of them.

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  1. Don't you give up on those leather couches (glad you won that battle, btw... I was never a leather gal until I had kids and now I won't go back)! You know, keep your eye on Craigslist and something might pop up. Good luck!