Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meal planning.

So hopefully this will help me keep my sanity. Two weeks of meals. Planned and groceries bought. I've had a lot of people ask me if I really feed my family of 6 for $100 a week, Organically and naturally. Yes, I do. And this is how I do it. I make almost everything from scratch. And when we move to the new house, I am starting a huge garden with the help of our sweet friend Miss Gail. Who is a horticulturalist. Hopefully she can turn this brown thumb into a green thumb.

 How freaking cute are these cards... I think I need to print some out!

Monday: B- Whole wheat Banana Flax muffins.
                L-Grilled Chicken Breast Chunks.
                    Fren-swan keen rice. {Blake named it. It's homemade quinoa and brown rice pilaf}
                    Homemade nilla wafers.
                    Grapes & Watermelon
                    purple carrots and raw broccoli. {Yes, my kids eat raw broccoli.}
                D-Salsa Chicken black beans and corn

Tuesday: B-Oatmeal
                L- Chicken chili and tortilla chips
                     Corn {frozen}
                      dinosaur egg pluot
                D- Spaghetti and french bread

Wednesday: B-Whole wheat banana pancakes
                    L-Chicken breast strips
                        Homemade bread sticks  {I tweaked this recipe. 1 tea. salt. 1/2 bread flour 1/2 WW}
                        cucumbers & carrots with greek yogurt ranch
                     D- Alfredo bake with Canadian bacon and mushrooms with peas and bread sticks
Thursday: B- Zucchini carrot bars
                     tomatoes and carrots with GY ranch
                  D- homemade Hawaiian pizza {Pineapple and canadian bacon}
Friday: B-waffles and fruit
             L-wheat doughnuts
                 mini banana
                 almonds {Blake calls them seeds}
             D- Chicken gravy and rice
Saturday: Pancake muffins
                Homemade chick fil a nuggets roasted tri colored potatoes and fruit
                Chicken Brodies
Sunday: B-Cinnamon Rolls
              L- almond butter and jelly sandwich
              D- Nanas house

Monday: B-cinnamon toast and dinosaur pluots
                L- nanas Whole wheat focaccia bread
                 sugar snap peas
                  homemade nilla wafers
                  Kiwis and black grapes
                D-Chicken divan
Tuesday- B-Waffles
                L- Almond butter and honey sandwich
                raw broccoli
                tri colored carrots and GY ranch
                Homemade cheeze its
               D- Teriyaki chicken and rice

Wednesday- B-doughnuts
                     L-Grilled chicken breast chunks
                     fren-swan keen rice
                     fresh spinach {You'll be surprised at what your kids will eat if you just give it to them}
                     D- Hobo packets

Thursday- B-Waffles
                  L- Canadian bacon circles
                       homemade nilla wafers
                       cucumbers and GY ranch
                       roasted potatoes
                   D- Tacos

Friday-B- Cinnamon rolls
            L- mini pizzas 
              sweet peas
              grapes & apples
            D-Skillet lasagna

Saturday- B-Pancakes
                 L-  Bread sticks and red sauce
                 D- Hot ham sandwiches

Sunday - B- Oatmeal
               D- Nanas house

 The Grocery list and the budget.

This is minus the pantry items. So keep that in mind. {I usually buy three or four pantry items in a trip. This week was brown rice, almonds, vinegar and baking soda} I Always use at least 1/2 Whole wheat flour in everything. If not 100%. And I grind it myself and buy it from the cannery. And All meat and produce and dairy is organic. Our Costco has a FANTASTIC selection of organic, and so does my Publix. I only shop at Costco target and publix.

Cream cheese -$ 1.89
Almond butter-$5.99
almonds-$10.89 (3 pounds)
bananas-$1.39 {I lied, I do not buy organic bananas}
Organic Chicken Breasts-$22.10
Black Grapes-$7.99
english cucumbers-$3.79
Canadian bacon-$10.99
Rice milk-$13.99 {Its like 12 cartons}
Veggie tray-$6.90 {tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and sugar snap peas, It was cheaper to buy it this way than it was to buy an individual package of all those things}
Greek yogurt-$4.79
black beans-$1.89 {dry}
tortilla chips-$5.29
Brown rice-$9.39 {6 pounds}
Potatoes-$6.99 {yellow purple and red mix}

This is for two weeks. And because I wash my fruit and veggies with the vinegar, {The ones that can be, Obviously I dont do bananas and watermelon} they do last this long. And because I make a lot of our bread rolls crackers,  sauces and such, I can feed this big ole family of ours for $100 or so per week. There is still a bit left in the budget just in case I forgot something, or in case I find a killer BOGO sale, I have a little cushion to stock up. Hope it helps!

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