Saturday, August 4, 2012

Do you know what that bad boy is???  It's a free motion foot. I picked one up tonight and gave it a little test drive... I'm bad at it. Really bad. Now, For the record... I am not a quilter. Seamstress, yes, quilter no. But I figured I'd give it a whirl.
I think that I {like every woman} have changed my mind. I think I may go in a different direction for the girls room. So I am going to try my hand at making them quilts.
I was going with light grey and light pink... But LaLa has strongly voiced her opinion on that one and wasn't digging it. So, I was going to use this color pallet /scheme for my office, but I think I could better display the fabrics in a bedroom VS my office. And for creativity sake, I may use muted colors in my office so inspiration and creativity can flow without being interrupted by wild colors and patterns. {Let's be honest, My entire house would be orange and aqua if I could get away with it.}

So, I'll be practicing that quite some bit... I need A LOT of practice.

 I love this picture of my cute little Dino loving lady.
Make yourself comfortable Kynzi... That's my spot
 Is there anything better than a sleeping little love bug?

If you're sick of reading about the house... stop here. This blog is really for me and my family so that we remember all the emotions and thoughts through this process.

So, My mom told me she was going to the St. Augustine outlets today and so I asked her to swing by the house while she was down that way. I wasn't expecting a change from Wednesday. So when she sent me these pictures I thought she was joking with me and sending me someone else's house. That would not have been a funny trick. But I started looking closer and realized... That's my front porch... that's my side entry garage... and that's my craft room!!! It is our house!!! It's only been 3 days... and look at the difference! {insert giddy school girl squeal here.} It's coming together!! It's so hard to imagine what it will really look like when you are building a house from scratch and staring at a bunch of drawings that someone has scribbled over and where you've crossed things out and moved walls and what have you... Our house isn't a cookie cutter house, So while we did walk through some similar floor plans, none of them are our floor plan. Nothing could help me imagine what it was really going to be like! We may just have to take a little drive down there tomorrow and actually walk through and get a feel for the flow of the rooms.

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  1. Someday when I build a house I may just have to reference all your hard work! Looks great so far!