Friday, September 30, 2011

P90 Impossible.

Things around here have been slowly getting back to normal. Well, almost. I have zero time to do anything, Including blog, and Mike and I are both sleep deprived, despite going to bed at 8 or 8:30 every night. It's a good thing he's super cute, Because Brent is not the greatest sleeper. But other than that we're back to normal.
I'm working tirelessly to get this nasty baby weight off, and I have about 15 pounds to go. Yes, That's what happens when you eat entire plates of sugar cookies on your own and gain 60 pounds. So back to 40-30-30 I go. You can order the book here.  I have done this "diet" every time I've had a baby. It is the only thing that has always worked for me. It's tons of food, I'm never hungry and I drop weight fast. {Usually about 3-4 pounds a week} Yes, Really. And as long as you don't cheat, It works. And it works fast. Mike convinced me to buy P90X. {Well, really they might as well call it P90 impossible. Pull ups for a minute? Child please!} But the conditions were that he had to eat clean for the duration of the program. Now keep in mind that Mike normally eats fast food for at least 2 meals of the day. I know gross right? But he has given me his word that he will give up fast food until January first. Trying to find fruits and veggies that he will eat is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I think in the almost 6 years we've been married, I've seen him eat a fresh fruit or veggie once or twice. Because I made him. Funny right? We are complete opposites when it comes to food. That's what I live on. Any who, It's been kinda hard for Mike and I to find time together so we decided that we'd do P90 impossible together in the mornings before the kiddos wake up. We learned 2 things, We love each others company... And we are both really out of shape. {At least one of us has a legitimate excuse for that} So, we'll see how long this lasts... I'm committed and I am determined to look like this...

Okay Okay, I know it's not realistic, I've had several kids and I don't think my abs will ever be that awesome...But if you shoot for the moon you're bound to at least hit the stars right? So, Don't offer me candy corn, cupcakes, pizza, sugar cookies or white bread... Because I'm not sure I have the will power to say no. Here's to awesome mommy abs. And Ashley "Hulk" Larkin triceps. {You like how I spelled that right just for you Hulk.}

"The only one who can tell you you can't is you... You don't have to listen."

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