Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rusted out.

My house is a disaster zone. I'm taking a little lunch break before tackling more laundry... but all I want to do is go to the fabric store and get cute fabric to make the girls some new pants. Well, and a bunch of other crafty stuff to make bows and Halloween shirts with. Oh and there's that little thing called a sewing machine.  My machine is rusted out... I left it in the garage...whoops a daisy! I called JoAnnes, and they want more to repair and replace the parts than the dumb thing cost in the first place. So I'm doing the research and I'm going to buy one that will last forever. I'm thinking a Bernina or a singer. If I had the money, I'd buy an embroidery machine... but alas... not a necessity at this point.

heres a link to some super easy tutorials. The fabrics they use are not my favorite, but to each their own, I'm kind of a fabric snob I suppose, but the info is great and easy to follow.
Here are some inspirations.

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