Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I LOVE fall!

I have a ton to post about... We've been super busy, more on that later. For now, I'm enjoying some almost alone time {I still have Brent} and filling my head with things I don't have time or money for!
Fall time is my favorite! I know, I say that about everything. but really, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yep, better than Christmas.
I mean seriously Williams Sonoma? $99 for this. I bet I could make that for under $10 bucks.
But it sure is pretty!

AAAAHHHHH!!! Mini pancake molds... I may have to invest in these. They could also double as cookie cutters, So that justifies the cost a little bit right?

I am so not this talented...anyone want to give them a shot? And can you tell I have a thing for sugar cookies? I mean I post something about them at least once a week.

Halloween and Christmas are the ONLY holidays I decorate my house for.

And I figure if I start now, I can have some cute Halloween crafts done for the girls to wear.

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