Sunday, September 11, 2011

making skirts with lala

 {I wrote this last night} and yes, I forgot to take pictures of them in their skirts}

Today has been slightly chaotic. It's 9pm and I am just now sitting down to drink my dinner. {I already cleaned the kitchen and was too lazy to make myself dinner, So I just pulled a spinach protein shake out of the freezer} Yes, I fed my kids Chick fil A. So sue me.  I made the girls some cute skirts, Which is what took the majority of the day. I may post pictures later, If I remember. Last night LaLa and I went to the fabric store and she picked out some fabric for her skirt. So this morning we sat on the kitchen floor,  and cut out the skirt together. {Space is limited in this tiny little house, So we got creative. I can't wait for the next house where I have an entire office to myself. Dedicated to sewing, crafting, food storage, Where I won't break my back sitting on the floor.} Sorry, I got side-tracked daydreaming, back to where I was, Cutting the skirt out together. I was a little nervous about that but she did great, And I got to teach her how to follow the pattern and explain a few simple things about it. She's only 3, But she loves doing whatever I'm doing, and was a great little helper. I'm learning to be patient. It would have been much easier and faster to just hurry and cut it out. She loves to "help" with the dishes, or laundry or whatever else I happen to be doing. Like I said those things would be much easier and faster without "help" But they are sweet memories we get to make together.

As a side note, I am buying a serger. French seams take way too long. I got done with LaLa's skirt and loaded the kids in the van and went to my moms to use her serger. Trust me, That was way faster than doing french seams on Kynzi's skirt.

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  1. Speaking from experience....I know it's more hectic to include your kids in the things that you do and to always listen to them even when you want to lock yorself in a closet and hide. But if you make them a part of your life now and show them they are important, they will make you a part of their life when thy become teenagers. The dividends are huge!! Hang in there lil mama.