Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big doors swing on little hinges.

So there I was at Publix at 9 O'clock at night... Mistake number one...Mistake number 2, going to Publix while Chocolate covered pretzels are BOGO. You know... These things...
Doesn't that look like a mountain of heavens deliciousness... I LOVE White chocolate covered pretzels. Like, More than should humanly be possible to love something. I think I could eat them all day everyday and never be sick of them. Okay, So you get the point. Well, I decided to throw them in the cart. {Why do they put that crap next to the register?} I felt guilty immediately, And I hadn't even had the pleasure of eating one yet! I knew they weren't on the "Lose the baby weight and be muscle-y again" food program. But I didn't care... Once again, My flesh was weak. I KNEW I didn't want to eat those things and KNEW I would feel terrible after eating them. Mentally and physically.
And then a glance to my favorite magazine caught my eye...

It just so happened that my fitness inspiration {Amber Elizabeth} graced the cover this month... I took one glance and threw those dumb delicious pretzels back on the shelf. I know it sounds so stupid, But I thought to myself, She'd never touch these things. It takes some serious self discipline to chisel those abs and shoulders. Something I don't have a lot of. So I came home and ate my turkey breast...

I think that this dumb pretzel story applies to everything in life. Sacrificing what we want in the moment, for what we really want. I can tell you now, That I am happy looking back that I didn't eat the pretzels, You know how many extra hours in the gym that would have been? These cellulite-y hamstrings aren't going to tone themselves... And that's what I really want. It's the same thing for the financial aspect of our lives, The spiritual aspect, and obviously the physical aspect. If you look at where you are now, and look at where you want to be, It's overwhelming... But if you take it one decision at a time, You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish. Big doors swing on little hinges my friends...


  1. I have specifically avoided Publix because they have them BOGO. I usually make own with almond bark. and dip it half way... still tastes good, but way less calories :)

    P.S. You're my hero.

  2. Visit the temple and focus on the principle of sacrifice next time... It really IS what life's all about. (Well, a key to what life's all about, anyway...)

  3. Well done and well put! Wish I'd figured out all this nutrition information years ago!