Tuesday, September 13, 2011

you win some... you lose some.

Today was a pretty normal day. We dropped Blake off at school, Went to the gym, Picked Blake up, and came home. I've really been trying to include the kids in the things that I have to do around the house. So we made lunch together and of course Blake negotiated an extra cookie... On to clean up the kitchen. Kynzi "helped" me unload the dishwasher, dumping the silverware on the floor, and then helped me put those back in the dishwasher to be cleaned...again. LaLa then helped me fold laundry and put a load in the washer. {She loves folding her daddy's socks...But not mommy's.} And in the process, She found half of her Christmas and birthday presents. Whoops a daisy. Then Blake helped me scrub the toilets...BAD IDEA. Just bad. I don't recommend having your 4 year old boy help with the toilet. After the chores were done, I decided because LaLa and I had so much fun making skirts the other day, That she could help me make some pants, because her favorite 2 pairs of shorts have been worn to the point of holes. Well everything was going great until I realized, that because of all the "help" and distractions I had, I stitched the wrong pieces together and didn't realize until I had already inserted the elastic into the waistband...The last step. UGH!!! Oh well, You win some you lose some. The silverware can be washed again, the water can be mopped up, and the pants were remade... Time consuming, Yes. But what else do I have to do? Nothing. My life is dedicated to those sweet babies. Nothing is more important than spending time with them, teaching them, laughing with them, listening to them, and loving them. Oh and yes, I did all of this with Brent strapped to me in the papoose.


  1. You couldn't dedicate yourself to anything better. It is busy, but keep enjoying like you are :0)

  2. Oh Krysten, you are so beautiful, inside and out.