Wednesday, April 13, 2011

an intro to the clean eating world

I'm frequently asked how I lose the "baby weight" after I have my children.  Well, I have to be honest, a good part of it is genetics...and youth, but an even bigger part of it is clean eating.  In a nut shell here's what it is... its consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. I also avoid sugar and minimize carbs. I'll be honest, now that i'm pregnant again, I'm not as strict with it, I have the occasional cookie but its always natural, No artificial anything! Colors, preservatives, msg, all banned in this house. You're probably thinking "what about your kids and husband ?" They eat this way too, well my kids do, my husband is still a rebel and won't give up fast food, and has the cholesterol levels to prove it! It's taken a while but I've found all natural versions of almost everything. Cold cereal,  real fruit snacks, bunny crackers etc. but even those are treats and aren't kept in the house regularly. It's much cheaper to live on whole foods too. think about it, how much would your grocery bill be if you took ALL of the packaged and processed food out of your cart? I am ALL about saving money but you will NEVER see a post about couponing, I don't have anything against it, it's just not the way I feed my family. How often have you seen a $1 off coupon stuck on fresh broccoli? Exactly. Don't get me wrong, I look for coupons on non food items and use them, but i'm not a crazy coupon lady and until you can find me some coupons on fresh fruits, veggies and turkey breasts, I won't be. So enough of my soap box, go to clean eating and get yourself a subscription. I also LOVE their cookbooks. you can find them here. 

Here are a few of my favorite natural, packaged foods. 

 This is three sisters cereal. LOVE them! 

Annies.   {You can find coupons for annies products.}
AND... Costco carries some Annies, so do Publix and Target.

 Earth's Best, you can also get coupons on these through babies r us and whole foods
you just have to be vigilant. 

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