Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Shopping

                        So with Easter fast approaching I thought it fitting to share some ideas.

These are my girls dresses. paired with a cute white bolero. Available here.  And no, I did not pay $52.00 for them...

My kiddos also will not be getting candy in their baskets. {with the exception of one small chocolate bunny per child}... I know, I'm a mean mom... I'm okay with that, think what you will. But to make it so they don't miss it, this is what will be filling their baskets...

A 3 pack of Tangled's Pascal stuffed animals. My kids love him.
Lots and lots of books...

  • Bubbles
  • sidewalk chalk
  • pajamas 
  • a new outfit
  • underwear... just like Christmas. I get them character undies and they get so excited.
  • coloring books and washable crayons.
  • new toothbrushes
  • new earrings
  • new sandals
  • onesies
  • a new teether toy
We also have an Easter egg hunt. Our eggs are filled with quarters and jelly belly beans. This particular kind because they don't have artificial colors and flavors.

We will also be creating some cute eggs... here's some inspiration.

These are created with lace...

                                                        Hand painted... I don't have this skill.

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