Sunday, April 17, 2011

If I had a billion spend on sunglasses.

Have you ever wondered what you'd buy if money didn't matter... I do, all the time actually. I'm sure it drives my husband crazy because my DREAM car would be a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or something cute and outrageous like that. Mike's dream car is a Limited Toyota joke. See the difference. So a funny story to tell you... My good friend Sarah and I were on a girls day down in Orlando wandering the mall at Millenia, and I came across the most AMAZING sunglasses... see them here. Well, thinking to myself I am going to die if these sunglasses don't come home with me, I go into the store where they were beautifully displayed in the window...{that should have been my first clue.} So as I go in thinking to myself "these will just have to be a splurge...I know they are at least $300, But well, I've saved my "allowance" (my non accountable money in the budget) and I'm just going to do it! So I try them on... and it was magic, I'll be honest. Angles sang and I was more in love. So still not knowing how much they were and not wanting to sound stupid and ask the lady "how much are they" I made up some excuse and she opened the drawer that contained the others that were the same style, just different colors... and some of them were like I guessed, $200-$300... And then I saw the pair I wanted with the price tag on it... $1,200. Yes, you read that right, that's one thousand two hundred dollars. For a pair of sunglasses. beautiful sunglasses, but not $1,200 freaking dollars beautiful. For that price they better come with someone to polish them and put them on and off of me.  Well, I made up another dumb excuse and said they made my face look funny and kindly handed them back and left the store. You know part of me, if I had a billion dollars, would buy them, but there's an even bigger part that says no matter how much money I had and even if I wouldn't even notice it was gone, that's outrageous and the money could be put to much better use. So, here's to dreaming BIG... and living in reality.


  1. You are so very lovely a Dollar Store pair would look like a million on you.

  2. lol that website was a sure give away that those glasses weren't cheap