Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My beauty bag

I refuse to be frumpy. Ever. But especially right now, I think it's even more important to spend the time to make yourself feel pretty when your pregnant. These are a few of my favorite things...
This is number one. Clarins self tanner. Its the best self tanner out there, trust me, I've tried them all. It leaves you brown, not orange. No streaks and lasts the longest. $33 at Sephora. Although I love my spray tan lady Debbi, but she's $33 a pop! So I save that for special occasions. But very rarely will you see me without my Clarins. Did I mention a tan {real or fake} makes you look and feel 10 pounds lighter, and that's important to a preggo.

Ardell lashes. #110. That's Important. If you get the wrong number they come out looking fake. About $3-$4 at Target or Walmart.

OPI hot pink nail polishes. And A little tip, If you go to the nail salon and just have them paint your nails and skip the manicure or pedicure they will usually still trim your cuticles, and clip and file your nails and it's only about $8. 
Bobbi Brown shimmer brick palette. You can do so many things with this!
Rimmel natural bronzer. It's cheap $6 at Target and it works GREAT! And for the love of Pete would someone please tell women to start applying their foundation or bronzer to their neck. Don't stop at your jawline, it makes you look fake and 2 different colors. Not a good look for anyone.
Rimmel Volum' eyes mascara. It's ridiculously hard to find, and it takes some practice to get it to not look clumpy, but once you master it your lashes will look FABULOUS!

This is the greatest thing since aqua net and sliced bread! Aussie instant freeze pump hair spray. I hate aerosol sprays.
                                               Best and easiest eyebrow shaping kit ever.

For my lips... I know this is going to sound crazy, but for everyday lips I use mac concealer, yes, on my lips. Carmex. And finally topped with a clear gloss.

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